Friday, November 27, 2009

You're Beautiful 미남이시네요: THE END

Everything must come to an end. It's sad that it ended already, I'll miss staying up until 6:00 AM just to watch it live. almost all my Wed and Thurs is focus on You're Beautiful. But I'm happy that it's finally over..the ending was nicely done. And I don't like watching long dramas.

Now, it's hard to pick my favorite scenes but I'll try my best to remember everything, not gonna be in order:

1.) When Shin Woo covered Minam face inside the Shower Room..that's really sweet!
2.) Tae Kyung kicked Yoo He Yi's shoes when she's trying to block mail him.
3.) Shin Woo opened the water bottle for Mi Nam during their practice for Asia's Song Festival.. (those little things that Shin Woo did for Mi Nam really makes me smile)
4.) Jeremy was trying to comfort Mi Nam by giving her his plate when they were eating in a buffet then suddenly he gets very offensive when Mi Nam asked him if he likes girls. ( because it was the time when he's very confuse of his feelings for Mi Nam, he didn't know yet that she's a girl)
5.) Mi Nam gave her special ring to Tae Kyung for him to believe in her and to let her stay in his brother's position for the sake of finding her mom. I like how she didn't shout at Tae Kyung when she found out that the ring that she thought he threw in the water was with him all along, instead she said "found it.. I told you I can find it if I put all my heart into it"
6.) Shin Woo sprayed Jeremy with a hose because he was bullying Mi Nam
7.) Myung Dong moment of Shin Woo and Mi Nam.. that's really heartbreaking scene. Shin Woo acting as a stalker then when he's about to confess to MiNam, Mi Nam turned her back and missed her chance of the whole Shin Woo shebang.
8.) Tae Kyung getting all mad when he found out that Mi Nam left and looked for her.. (this is before the Myung Dong scene)
9.) Mi Nam cried in the rooftop when she found out that her mother was dead and Tae Kyung comes comforting her.
10.) Tae Kyung jumps off the water to save MiNam because she was hiding from other crews who's looking for their things that was lost.
11.) Mi Nam sang "without words" after returning from the province where she finally explodes her feelings for Tae Kyung.
12.) Mi Nam and TaeKyung conversation about the stars
13.) Dong Joon (The real Minam's highschool bestfriend) confessed to Tae Kyung and Mi Nam that he likes Minam's younger sister and planning to tell her when he sees her after his military service.
14.) Shin Woo saved Mi Nam from revealing her true identity during the press conference.. he did that in front of Jeremy and Tae Kyung.. that's like a slap on their faces.
15.) Jeremy trying to hug Mi Nam when he found out that she was a girl.
16.) Tae Kyung and Mi Nam's first not accidental kiss.. Tae Kyung explodes from his jealousy because of Shin Woo.
17.) Jeremy singing "Very Good Words" for Mi Nam with tears in his eyes. he's confessing his feelings to MiNam with a song even if he already knew that she liked Tae Kyung.
18.)Tae Kyung taking care of sick Minam.. starting from the kitchen scene to bedroom scene.He became very soft to MiNam that time.
19.)and I can't choose which parts from episode 15 and 16 because everything is very I guess all of it. kekeke

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