Friday, November 6, 2009

F(x) wants Chu!

I haven't paid much attention to them but I know that they're good.. Of course they are! SM Entertainment produces good artists, it's just that I got a little disappointed with La Cha Ta.. The teaser got me all hype specially with Victoria's flexibility but when they released the full MV it made me move 2 step backwards.. Dancing skills are undeniable great but I can see SNSD moves in their dance.. I don't want to see them under SNSD's junior, I wanna see them as f(x). Luna impresses me with her voice.

I didn't put my hopes that high for this Chu when they released the song but it's the type of song I know will be playing in my mind for awhile. When SM released their teaser it got me all giddy! that dance step.. the concept.. "it's gonna be different"

The music video didn't fail me. I didn't see SNSD moves.. it's them! finally! Sulli remind me of Dara of 2NE1 when I saw her where that hip-hop look.. it looks awkward just like when I first saw Dara wearing it.. but who knows maybe it'll grow on her just like with Dara's. And I want more Victoria!! I wanna hear you!

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