Thursday, November 19, 2009

The new babies in the house!

I feel for this two bunnires.. when Bugs (are first bunny) first arrived we have baby pictures of him running in the grass.. sleeping in his cage.. eating, and videos too! But this two took us about 3weeks before taking a photo of them.. Mianhe bebes! I'm sure Bugs is so jealous with you two... you don't even play with him.. which is bad because he takes care of you two when you first came in our house... hahaha!I'm actually playing the role as a Narrator in their lives.

Domo- we named him Domo because.. Patty started liking Domo, the Japanese monster character. He's the very lively bunny we ever have.. he started doing binkys when he's week old or more, and he likes to lick our fingers.. he's the only bunny that licks a human :)).. for short he's very hyper ^^

Ttokki- Patty told me she's a girl but I'm still having doubts with that. we named him/her ttokki because that's the Korean name for bunny, I just don't know if I spelled it right though. She/he's the total opposite of Domo.. she/he likes to stay inside their Toy cave and just observe.. likes to eat and drink a lot of water.. he runs when you let him out of the cage but when you put him/her back in the cage he/she behaves. I think she has the attitude of a woman.. likes to eat and moves a little.. ^_^

So that's our new baby bunnies! We had a hard time taking photos of them because they keep running around our room, I only got few good shots from 50 shots.. they move so FAST!

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