Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Kim Ki Bum for Jumunjin

I miss him.. =( Mr. MIA is coming back next year with a movie. I do think he works better in acting than singing but i don't want him to leave Super Junior. Even if they're 13 in the group one should not be left out.

It's so sad that I will not be able to see it. I like Hwang Bora's past project so I think they will pull this off well. Kim Ki Bum looks like he'll be a "Lei" in this movie or not. Anyway I'm just glad to see him again :D.. Fighting!

SBS Gayo Daejun 2009


Last night (or should I say morning) was the most awaited show for me... The news and teaser photos makes me anticipate more and more and it did not disappoint me. I was expecting to be wowed by YG Family but men..I just gotta be honest with you JYP Family owned it! for real! The Music Drama, Parodies, Ballad Singing and all that really prove that they ain't just new comer baby! I'm glad that the SNSD-2PM joint stage wasn't that special because I couldn't bear it if they will be the next wonderbang! I want 2PM-2NE1 to be that... but since YG is so keeping the girls from doing a joint stage with other idol groups I doubt that it will happen, but who knows.

I want to post each videos one by one but that will take me forever.. So I'll just spazz with my favorite performances.

-MBLAQ/BEAST Dance Battle.. Hands down to Joon! Y'all know I'm a G.O. and Mir fangirl but now I understand why a lot of people like Joon. He's so good at dancing! and his eyes is a killer! aaah! It's still fresh from my mind! and the spinning thing he did, doesn't look gay at all! how can he do it so manly! I totally fell for him here. (there's more Joon spazzing later ^^) Beast are naturally good dancer coming from JYP's sister company that thing is already expected.. and their leader... hmm, hmmm, hmmmm.. what's his name?

-Davichi and 2AM's joint stage was good too. We have been bombarded with auto tunes these days and it's nice to hear ballad songs that shows pure talent in singing. Jjang Seulong!!!

-The girl group turned into guy group..eeeh.. I don't know, it looks awkward specially the ring ding dong. CL did okay but she did not top G-dragon.. I don't know if it's a compliment but I guess this stage performance proves that those songs are really made for Namja! but A for the effort :D..

-2PM singing ballad... hmmm! Junsu! stop making me fall for your sweet voice! must..stay.. Wooyoung! and Nichkhun did a great job I wonder why people tell him that he's just a pretty face.. he's not a good good singer but his keys are not off..(i don't know if I use the right term.. so please don't kill me) so yea! and the acoustic version of Juliette is very nice! and the scene and everything! Shinee was shinning bright last night!

-2NE1 did okay with the Fire with a school uniform.. but it's not like wow.. so I'll skip that part. Bom!!!!!!!! This is the performance I have been dreaming of! I can't believe YG and I have the same idea! lol. Taeyang and Bom. woot! woot! see the performance and be the judge the only side comment I'll say is that Taeyang looks short but it's all good. GD and CL performing The Leaders was mind blowing, CL! where can we find a girl like you in the Idol world? But I'm still waiting for the day where Teddy will join them. Let's Go Party was okay.. maybe I'm disappointed because it's not my favorite track from their album... I prefer the Chuseok special than this. I really like the performance but it's not like a worth to rewatch.. you know what I mean? and I'm glad they didn't wear all black, I miss seeing their colorful outfit.

-and 2PM again! now it's Minamishineyo Parody time! My wooyoung played Minam.. and everything was really funny! Khun's acting was great.. I expect to see more of him in the acting field. ^_^

-There has been a lot of MJ Tribute in the Kpop scene and this one is my favorite.. because 2PM was in it and so does Mblaq! woot! woot!.. I will spend my time spazzing about Joon's awesome performance of Dangerous! You deserve to be in the middle young man! you're so shmexy!! there I said it! You really got my whole attention last night! I will be you're fan from now on :D... You're number 1 amongst the Mblaq member.. (sorry Mir and G.O.)

-I admit that I got jealous in 2PM-SNSD dance special.. I don't know why?! It's not like I always get jealous.. maybe because it's SNSD, pretty girls and every guy likes them and I can't say anything against them because they are good when it comes to singing and dancing.

-Shinee's Jonghyun sang Gone by Nsync.. ughhhh.. I miss those Nsync days :D And I was already having the feeling that Junsu will sing Bump n Grind and I was right.. I never get tired seeing him sing that song.. it just makes me fall for even more.

-Park Shin Hye looks stunning! Ok I take back my words for saying that she looks more beautiful with short hair.. because she looks like a princess last night with a long hair!

-Guy group turn into girl group was better than the other way around.. 2PM dominated on this special performance too. Jokwon did not fail to give his craziness. Joon! oh Joon!! Why do you look hot with everything you do??? He looks manly dancing to Muzik. I'm kinda sad that no one perform Fire or I don't Care.. maybe YG didn't allow it again.. well too bad.

-I was so thrilled when I heard the "Tired of Waiting" intro.. that's like my favorite song from the whole album! I'm glad that they performed it!.. I think I got use seeing them without Jay but I know if Jay was there it will be better. But they did great! Love their outfits in their Again & Again Remix version. The Music Drama for HeartBeat's intro was amazing!!!!!!! When I was watching it live I wanna zoom out my scream at first because my frail heart could not take it if something pops out of nowhere (because it came out like a horror movie). I always wait for the ending part of Heartbeat and I still like their ending from Golden Disk Awards but the whole shot gun dance was amazing.

-G-Dragon performed Gossip Man for the first time in a show. It's not one of my favorites in his album but I guess he choose that because it's an up beat song. I can't concentrate on his performance alone because his hair keeps on distracting me.. what can we do.. He's GD! Taeyang performed "Look Only at Me" (why not Where U At?) and Wedding Dress.. he's great with dancing and singing but I wanna see something more for him.. cause sometimes when I listen to him it's kinda boring. But he doesn't need to be like GD to hype all the people.. he's okay with being his own self.

-I got nothing against SNSD because they're pretty but you don't expect me to follow them because I'm a girl and I don't get attracted when I see a sexy girl. I appreciate them for making great music and giving a good stage performance but I just...can't say anything to them. Super Junior had a great entrance! they kinda copied 2PM's performance in Golden Disk Awards with the mask thing and guess who's the super junior in all of them. But they executed it well! I was like wowed with them! I love Super Junior! I wish they performed Sorry Sorry-Answer. I wish to see them all 13 on stage next time.. you can't deny that even if it was a great performance.. something is missing.. with the lawsuit thing and drunk issue should not be the reason of them disbanding.


Smores it up!

Yummy keyboard! aahh! If i have that edible keyboard it will not last for a minute..or maybe not, it's so cute to look at! Makes me want to go camping and have smores in the wilderness.

Monday, December 28, 2009


After talking to my best friend last night and this morning my head keeps playing Heaven, I don't know if it has any connection from what I'm into right now but all I know is that Worship music gives peace in my heart every time I listen to it.

Thank you for reminding me that I should not be carrying all my worries. I'm thankful that you accepted me even after knowing the things I've done in the past, and thank you for reminding me that we have a big God..

haaiisshhh! when we see each other in heaven there will be no tears and pain anymore, let's look forward to that!

Sunday, December 27, 2009

SkullCandy for Christmas

Thanks brothah!.. I totally did not expect it.. it's exactly what I needed! since I'm a music lover my MP3 is one of my must-bring list in my everyday life. And I always lose my headsets because I use it on our laptop too and I at least need to replace it after 3 or more months because it breaks.. like I don't know if it's because it's cheap or I'm just not careful with my things...

I expect not to break my new lowrider headphone because first it's big and obviously needs tender love and care :D second because it's a gift (I always treasure everything that is given to me)

I love all the gifts that I received! Thank you everyone! I should give myself a Christmas present too....hmm.. what should I get?

Saturday, December 26, 2009

Lee Chun Hee for Nylon

He looks stunning with that paper crown. But I can't stop thinking about his Chundarella image, I can't seem to take him seriously after watching tons of Family Outing Episodes. I don't even remember him as the guy from "Only You" drama years ago. tsk! tsk! But I actually love his image now ^^ And Chundarella fits in his new project "Smile, You" drama which I'm currently watching.
(will be out on January 2010)



BADA for Nylon

Love th whole package! Credits go to MagMag & Nylon.. I hope to see her on stage again ^^
photographed by Moke Na Jung; modeled by BADA; styled by Ahn Jung Hee; Hair and Make-up by Son Hye Jin, Kim Ji Hyun; Assistant by Park Chan Kyung


Friday, December 25, 2009

Holy Night

It's our first time in our family to sing Christmas Songs all together.. and it was a lot of fun!.. we forgot that our tradition is to open presents at 12 AM.. oh well we're just delayed by 30 minutes ^^ kekekeke..