Monday, December 14, 2009

Young Guns UNSEEN

Remember the photos I posted about Elle's new campaign Share Happiness Young Guns edition? (lol I just made that introduction up) Check it HERE if you haven't. I only took Im Ju Hwan and Jung Il Woo's unseen photos because the rest are almost the same. Good thing they added more photos of Im Ju Hwan! I miss seeing him on screen! Hurry and make a drama Exiler!(he's name in his last drama) And I picked Jung Il Woo.. because he's so cute and I didn't watch Take Care of My Lady because he's just the second guy and I don't want him to be the loser. And I also added two actors that was featured in "Sweet Guys" Edition Seo Do Young (from Spring Waltz and Friend, Our Legend)and Lee Yong Woo (from Style), I didn't like most of the actors in that edition that's why I didn't post it here. I regret now for not watching Style because I couldn't get a glimpse of Lee Yong Woo's acting skills.


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