Thursday, December 10, 2009

Red Salted Egg~ is it really red?

My sister and I went to Seafood City to buy dinner and we're like craving for fish and we both like eating fish with tomatoes and red salted egg. We didn't expect to find one because there's no red egg in the egg section but my sister was able to find a packed one (you can't really see if the egg is white or red) that has a label salted eggs on the outside. To make the long story short I asked my sister why it's not taste the same but it doesn't feel right (you know what I'm sayin?) And I was like "maybe it's not the red salted egg like in the Philippines..maybe it's something different" then she laughed at me and told me that they didn't come out as red egg from the beginning and they just dye/paint it so we won't get confused.. and of course I couldn't accept that fact..not sure yet if it's a fact because all this time when I entered this earth knew that red eggs are purely red from the beginning... that's like finding out that my sister is white.

So tell it really not red??

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