Monday, September 28, 2009

[KDrama] Tamra, The Island - 탐나는 도다 (Done!)

Remember my previous blog about Tamna?Check it HERE. It's finally over. I'm satisfied with the ending but somehow it seems like they rushed it. MBC made a wrong decision on cutting 4 episodes of Tamra just because of poor ratings. I don't really watch Historical dramas even if it's a comedy like Hong Gil Dong because it feels so ancient, you know what i mean?

But Tamra is different, the writer of this manhwa is jjang! It gives you the background story of Jeju island and on how people live on that day, how ignorant they are from other countries and all that stuff. And you can't predict who she'll end up with because Beo Jin (the main actress) is kinda immature. But her mom knows who she wants to be with, Beo Jin is just denying her feelings and wanna be loyal to her first love even if her heart is not fully there anymore.

The soundtracks of this drama and the water scenes is an epic win for me. I think i'll be hanging around Koreatown again. haaha! I'm still waiting for the DVD Box set because they didn't cut it so it has 20 episodes.. can't wait! December! come quickly!

Here's the 15 min preview:

Tuesday, September 15, 2009

[KMusic] Hot Music Video/CF

I said to myself that I can manage not to share Dara's MV/CF because everybody knows about it already.. But when Jang Geun Suk's MV/CF came out I know in my heart that I have the need to share it to everyone, it's a little late though i've been busy this couple of days.. but now I'm ready to share spam :D..

Jang Geun Suk- Just Drag:
I'm so happy that Jang Geun Suk had a project again! I miss him so much! He's one of my favorite actors! I've seen all his movies and he's just sooo.... A-dorable! I'm so excited with his new drama where he will be an Idol (they call boybands as "Idol" in Korea.. don't ask why) and basically show what kind of lifestyle they have. I hope it will not disappoint me again, I had so much hopes from the dramas this summer and it just disappoints me. And and He released a MV/CF for Samsung! Omo! I loove his voice! even though it's auto tune.. you can still hear his awesome voice... watch and see!..

Dara ft. CL- Kiss: Dara Dara.. Why did you betray T.O.P.?? hahaha! another fanfic will be born. hahaha! Okay honestly at first her solo single was not very catchy for me. But when they released the MV/CF it changed my mind!.. And after I made 64 screen caps of that MV for Jiyu the song just keeps playin in my mind.. she's so "dangerous".. And I wanna see Minho with his curly hair and less man-liner. I kinda miss him from his BOF days.. it's been 6 months already.

Monday, September 14, 2009


J Dramas that I have seen.. :)

Sunday, September 13, 2009

My CDs Arrived Today!

I was talking to Sera last night.. telling her how my heart goes for Jay. I said the only thing that can calm me is the CD's that I ordered last week. And I wasn't sure if it's really arriving today because sometimes they take 2 weeks. But guess what! (of course it's obvious but I still wanna say "guess what" kekeke) They're here! I got them around 10 PM from the guard and he was like "another package from Philippines".. and I was like.. "what?? heck no?!" it feels like tearing my arms apart (haha ok a bit exaggerated) but then he said "no wait.. it's... Korea?... why Korea Yssa?" and when I heard that I was jumping up and down in the lobby, I swear I was totally feeling the "spazz" they're talkin about.


I still grieve for Jay but my 2NE1 and G-Dragon CD's will calm me down for now. I can now enjoy their songs with guilt free! ahahaha! They are the first Korean CDs that i bought (and I'm predicting there's more to come) well if you don't count the ones I bought in iTunes, 2PM's two mini-album.. huhuhu! so much memory from 2PM, & Wonder Girls & 2AM because only JYP's artist are available on iTunes. If only I could get 2NE1 and G-Dragon and many more artist I would do it because it's cheaper.

Saturday, September 12, 2009

Magic Mountain '09

sooo fun!.. and tiring!.. and a lot of walking and falling in line.
If you compare our old group picture from the new ones you'll see that we're gettin bigger ^_^ and I'm loving it! Josie and Anna prepared lunch for us.. they decided to have a picnic rather than buying food inside where you eat less but you pay more.

And finally I was able to try "Tatsu".. and I didn't like it.. at all! I'd rather ride "Goliath" and "X2".. But I didn't ride "X2" this time.. I join the other group who wants less scary rides.. and less line. kekekek!

I'm so lovin all the Youth activities this summer!

[KDrama] Currently watching Tamra

I gave up on watching SBS's Dream. I thought it would be a nice drama because Kim Bum is there and Son Dambi the pretty lady is the lead actress too.. but yea.. very disappointing. I was all hyped then blah. Son Dambi's acting needs to be polished. Anyway.. I have a new drama to watch.. It already aired (Aug 8) but I told myself that time that I will not watch it because the theme was very.. ancient. But one day, while I was reading articles from my favorite kdrama blogger dramabeans. And her reviews really got me into checking it. And I tell you.. It's so hilarious!.. Japanese are really good in making stories.. I wonder why they don't make it as a drama? hana yori dango, prncess hours(don't know the japanese name), full house (??... not sure), hana kimi.. and the list goes on.

So at first I was thinking..  "why do they force to put different race in korean entertainment industry so much??".. and then it came to my mind that it's what every country wants! new to their eyes.. because maybe they're sick and tired to see their own race?.. So i guess I'll support Pierre Deporte in his acting career because he's so funny and he speaks Korean well( haha! I just can't help it.. white guy speaking cool!)

I can't watch three dramas unlike before because september is coming up and I'm gonna busy. I hope... kekeke..

to know more about Tamra the Island click here

Tamna the Island is set in 17th-century Joseon times as a young English castaway, William, comes to the island and meets the characters played by Seo Woo, Im Joo-hwan, and Lee Sun-ho(Snow Queen). The name “Tamna” refers to what is now called Jeju.

William’s mother is now tired of his fantasies and dreams of traveling to the east. He is in danger of getting married and never being able to see the wonders of the world! Through his friend Yan’s help, he sneaks on to a Dutch ship that’s heading for Nagasaki, Japan… But he doesn’t even know how long it will take to get there. Then, the ship hits a storm and William, trapped in his hiding place, is thrown overboard. He wakes up to find a girl with curious eyes standing over him.

William is played by 24-year-old French model Pierre Deporte — who has adopted a Korean name,Hwang Chan-bin — who you may recall was once featured on a special broadcast of the male counterpart to the Misuda (Chatting With Beautiful Women) talk show. He sure looks the part, doesn’t he?

Seo Woo, who received a lot of praise (and some awards) for her role in Crush and Blush, plays a cheerful, outrageous diver. Im Joo-hwan’s character comes from a distinguished noble family and is therefore completely stuck-up. Consider him a 17th-century chaebol.

Thursday, September 10, 2009

Youth Shut-In

Calvary Chapel Los Feliz hosted an overnight last Friday @ their place.
It's also a small church also like us so we kinda easily bonded with everybody. Sometimes I feel like I'm not youth anymore when we have events like this because In every picture.. I look old and.. I don't know... Big? hahah! It's always been like that.

I really had fun and all. The games were hilarious.. drip drip drop is my favorite (see my previous post) and the pass the spoon/ eat baby food game. And I was moved by Gonzalo's testimony about his gang life and really just proves that everything in this world is falling away that everlasting life is only with Jesus.. and the contentment, satisfaction can only be found in Him and the things of the world is only for a season.

And finally! finally! I was able to watch Facing the Giants.. but I didn't get teary like everybody else said to me. maybe because it was too noisy and I can't concentrate.. but I like the concept of the movie.. but I think Fireproof is more moving for me even though don't have a partner in life.. kekeke.. someday ...haha!


Drip Drip Drop!

Image and video hosting by TinyPic

We played this game last Saturday during our sleepover. I thought this game would suck and be pointless but it's a really fun game.. whoever invented it is Jjang! Perfect for the summer ^_^...

So how does the game works?.. It's totally like duck duck goose but the difference is you use a cup that has a tiny hole than putting your hands on top of the duck to create the "drip" and then you drop it to whoever you want to be the next it. But when the duck catches the goose he has the opportunity to drop one cup on the goose in the middle as the consequence. which sadly happened to me.. I didn't thought that I would get wet that much.. My two buddies betrayed me! T_T I didn't expect to get picked by Noble because.... I'm like her big sister?!.. haha.. That's why I don't trust nobody..

[KMusic] G-Dragon 1st Solo Album

Omo! I promised myself that I'll only blog once a week about Kpop.. but I just can't stand it >.< There's too much good stuff to spazz about. I really do think I fit as a Kpop blogger.. maybe I'll do that next time or not. ^_^ Maybe I'll just stick as 21evo's author. I love it! [Okay so here's my cue to promote our blog :D.. visit 21evo! to get you're 2NE1 Updates!.. keke. Yea I know.. my family or should i say my older sister is laughing about it.. but she did say that it fits me well.. anyway. I'm not really a fan of G-dragon, I'm more of TaeYang.. but I still love them all. And G-dragon just released his first album.. and boy he didn't disappoint nobody! And he also released the MV of Heartbreaker which is really unexpected because I was only hoping for his album. And in His video you can see that the director of "Heartbreaker" is also the one who made 2NE1's Fire. With Dr. Dre's beats and the futuristic shades(what do you call those shades anyway??) and the futuristic theme too.. it so reminded me of Fire Space Version which I think is okay because they're in the same company right? See for yourself. And and I forgot to comment about GD's blond hair.. he's known for his weird fashion sense.. I have some of my favorite hairstyle of his, but most of them are a no-no  and I'm totally surprise that he can pull a blondie.. I really dislike it when someones trying to be Blondie when they're really not.. especially when it doesn't look good on them. G-Dragon just keeps on surprising us on his SOLO album! and I'm loving it! for those who accuses him on plagiarizing from the songs to his cover album, I just have something to tell you.. "there's nothing new under the sun.. it's how you make it work"

G-Dragon- Heartbreaker

here are some of my favorites in his album

Butterfly (feat. Jin Jung): Ow I would love to see GD perform this song Live. Will he play the guitar? I don't think so.. but then again.. he's unpredictable.. and I love his pronunciation.

소년이여:Because it's pleasant to hear.. where you'll only move your shoulders or your head when you hear it. reminds me of coldplay with a twist..

Hello (feat. Dara) :Because I'm 2NE1 biased.. I was shocked when I found out that Dara featured in one of GD's song because she's totally not GD's type(not as a girl ok). It's good to hear different music in his album.. If it's all gonna be "hey i'm gonna punch face" music then I wouldn't really appreciate it because.. I'm not like my sister who likes hip-hop , rapper.. whatever you wanna call it

The Leaders (feat. Teddy and CL) :Because I'm 2ne1 biased. and I love Teddy Oppa just like CL!.. I love the "G D G D baby baby" part.. remind mo of SNSD's Gee.. Ow wait? that's it! hahaha..

Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Bunny Wabit: Jay the Wild Bunny

I'm not supposed to upload this now.. but the fansite I'm eye-ing right now is taking too long. And actually it's all connected..

Jay, leader of 2PM left his fellow members.. and he's the wildest bunny amongst the seven. (you wouldn't understand this part, but if you're a kpopper you will).. He left because he was too hurt with all the antis throwing at him and petitions that telling him to commit suicide?.. what happen to this world?... What if he did commit suicide? will they take the blame?.. well apparently the news of Jay leaving 2PM shocked the anti-fans (now are you happy of what you did??). Jay must be really depressed by making this decision. He received a lot of encouragement from different artist but no one can make him feel better than his family. I never followed a twitter like this ever since twitter became a hit just to confirm everything up.. (and it did.. twitter is really useful eh??)... Anyway.. Jay is probably sitting in the airplane right now waiting to arrive Seattle and be hugged by his mom.

I really never prayed for singers never did it appear in my heart until now. They are also humans who needs prayer, who needs comfort.. I'll be praying for you. If it's God's willing then it will prevail.

Ok I know it's kinda out of topic for my photo album.. I just can't help myself.

Monday, September 7, 2009

[KMusic] Top 5 last Summer

I want everyone to know that it's not 2NE1, BigBang, 2PM, SuperJunior that I adore. Yea I know I like to go with the flow, but I also appreciate other Kpop Artist that does not get much attention that they deserve because of all the pack "idol" this summer. I'm excluding 2NE1 here because everyone knows that I love them. soo.. here's my top 5 favorite songs this summer. fyi it's not in order

1.)BADA - Mad feat. Untouchable: Her pronunciation of "mad" and "crazy" is not correct, but I still think she pulled it off!

2.)Brown Eyed Girls - Abracadabra: Their video is a little disturbing, and made a lot of noise during it's release.. so I'll just use the Stage Version (or should I say the clean version) I love the hip dance =) & their kinda given because they are popular.

3.)Hwayobi- Kiss Kiss Kiss feat. Sleepy: I fell in love with Hwayobi when I first saw her in We Got Married (Reality Show). She's not as pretty as the other singers but she's one of the greatest singer in Kpop Industry. I can't believe she's not that popular? Why? & She doesn't have a Music Video for this song so I just used her live performance at Music Core
&& I just wanna say that I admire them as a couple, It's really sweet to see them collab!

4.)Hong Jin Young- Love's Battery: Ok don't start laughing when you press the play button. This is the one and only trot song that I like. And it's not because of Choi Jong Hun starring in her Music Video.. I wasn't aware of it.

5.)Navi - Heart Damage feat. Crown J: This song was released two months ago, and I just feel like I need to add her, I was battling if I'll put Uhm Jung Hwa or her, but since Uhm Jung Hwa is from YG and the song that I like from her are DJ & Disco which CL(2NE1) and T.O.P (BigBang) was featured. So yea, Navi has a great voice she covered Katy Perry's Hot n' cold with her own ballad version and it's really awesome. But I really fell in love with her "Heart Damage"..

So I hope that you're not just gonna appreciate "Idol groups" from Korea but also this lovely ladies with an amazing voices :)

[KDrama] Partner

Finally it ended!.. and they didn't fail nobody.. I talked about partner on my previous blog Partner. I told myself that if the drama sucks I would still stick into it because Lee Dong Wook is the lead actor, but I guess I wouldn't just stick because of good looks. I know this cliche for me to say but I really like this movie.. it's one of the best dramas I've watched.

You could see that story was all set before even filming the drama.. like even if the raiting is low or high they will still continue with 16 episodes.
The connections of everyone seems very realistic.
And knowing a little bout Law Firm is really interesting.. It didn't made me feel to pursue Law.. but I have more respect for the Lawyers..
The Love Story between Tae Jo [LDW] and Eun Ho [KHJ] ended well.. they didn't not kiss or hug in the whole series.. they only held hands but that's okay. they express their love through their eyes and how they care for each other. Even though its not yet happy ending for Eun Ho (because her son is still sick) life must go on, and some things are meant to happen for a reason for her.

And I'm happy that there's no second guy or lady. No one ruins the beautiful love story. kekeke. YW & JW I will say that they may not have a happy ending.. but they both know that they both love each other. They have to face the consequences of their mistakes and be a grown man. I love it!

Everyone if you haven't watch it.. please do!.. It made my summer busy & happy :D...

and a bonus for everyone!.. Kim Hyun Joo the lead actress sang one of the songs for this drama. and it's my favorite! please listen!

Saturday, September 5, 2009

Korean Towel Sheep Head

If you love watching Korean dramas, or just Variety shows or Talk shows.. you'll see a lot of this. And I guess you can only find it in Korea.. [if you exclude Matador] So yea I'm really like jumpin up and down when I found an article that teaches you how to do the towel sheep head.. I didn't know that it was called like that. So hopefully after reading this you'll be like me.. Go straight to the bathroom and practice making one :D

So what does this towel sheep head for?.. Honestly I don't know either. all I know is you'll see people wearing it at Jjimjilbang (찜질방) Korean Sauna. I think it'll make you look cute like those two cute kids!..

1.)Take a towel and fold it into 3 parts

2.)Fold 1 side in

3.)Then fold in again, so that the towel is a rectangle shape

4.)Fold in both side of the towel, keep folding in until its big enough for your head.
(just like folding the bottom of a jeans)

5.) Then look for the center part and open up so that you can wear it.

Then of course put it in your head!.. Just so you know I have a picture of me wearing this but it didn't come out nice.. It's like a trying hard to be korean lady >.<..  This will definitely be on my list to do when Mico and I will go to Korea. kekekek!..

photo cred:koreanclicks

Thursday, September 3, 2009

Taiwanese Drama List

Since Meteor Garden started all this to me.. give Taiwanese a props! They make good dramas for sure, I've read in someones blog (which is kinda funny) that Taiwanese are happy people unlike Korean because they don't make dramas or movies that lead actor dies at the end, which is soo true! hahaha!But you have to exempt "Lavender"heheheh.. That's one of my favorite Tdrama, such a bummer I didn't have the luck to find a good quality of their Promo photos, anyway they're kinda like Filipino when it comes to Entertainment Industry.. when there's a success couple or "love-team" they'll produce another drama with that same couple until people get sick of them. Tell me..tell me.. t-t-t-tell me your favorite Tdramas! ^_^

Korean Movie List

ovie Edition ^^ I like watching Kmovies because it only last for 2 hours or so and most of them I really like. On Attack of the Pin-up Boys and Hello Schoolgirl I didn't rate it yet.. I wanna watch it again, because I wasn't a Suju Fan when I watched it =)) I'll give them a chance.. kekeke.. & I have to make a public apology for those who like My Sassy Girl (I should have done this long time ago but..).. sorry for judging you, I should have watch Windstruck first before watching My Sassy Girl. I really thought that My Sassy Girl was an epic fail because the lady was so rude and the guy is not so cute.. Sorry for being judgemental...=( I appreciate it now ^^ && I totally recommend "A Millionaire's Love" and "My Father".. If you hate seeing the lead actor die then don't watch it ;p

Korean Drama List

I was bored last night and my wifi's not cooperating with me so I just decided to make a chart of all the Korean Dramas I've watched and rate them myself. kekeke.. I'm not really that addicted to Korean Dramas ^^. While I was doing this I kinda miss the old dramas that I use to watch in the afternoon =) After the class is over and before eating dinner.. I watch a lot of the dramas but I only have few of my favorites.. well you can pretty much know what it is (I gave all my favorites "5") So which one is your favorite? .. ..