Thursday, September 10, 2009

[KMusic] G-Dragon 1st Solo Album

Omo! I promised myself that I'll only blog once a week about Kpop.. but I just can't stand it >.< There's too much good stuff to spazz about. I really do think I fit as a Kpop blogger.. maybe I'll do that next time or not. ^_^ Maybe I'll just stick as 21evo's author. I love it! [Okay so here's my cue to promote our blog :D.. visit 21evo! to get you're 2NE1 Updates!.. keke. Yea I know.. my family or should i say my older sister is laughing about it.. but she did say that it fits me well.. anyway. I'm not really a fan of G-dragon, I'm more of TaeYang.. but I still love them all. And G-dragon just released his first album.. and boy he didn't disappoint nobody! And he also released the MV of Heartbreaker which is really unexpected because I was only hoping for his album. And in His video you can see that the director of "Heartbreaker" is also the one who made 2NE1's Fire. With Dr. Dre's beats and the futuristic shades(what do you call those shades anyway??) and the futuristic theme too.. it so reminded me of Fire Space Version which I think is okay because they're in the same company right? See for yourself. And and I forgot to comment about GD's blond hair.. he's known for his weird fashion sense.. I have some of my favorite hairstyle of his, but most of them are a no-no  and I'm totally surprise that he can pull a blondie.. I really dislike it when someones trying to be Blondie when they're really not.. especially when it doesn't look good on them. G-Dragon just keeps on surprising us on his SOLO album! and I'm loving it! for those who accuses him on plagiarizing from the songs to his cover album, I just have something to tell you.. "there's nothing new under the sun.. it's how you make it work"

G-Dragon- Heartbreaker

here are some of my favorites in his album

Butterfly (feat. Jin Jung): Ow I would love to see GD perform this song Live. Will he play the guitar? I don't think so.. but then again.. he's unpredictable.. and I love his pronunciation.

소년이여:Because it's pleasant to hear.. where you'll only move your shoulders or your head when you hear it. reminds me of coldplay with a twist..

Hello (feat. Dara) :Because I'm 2NE1 biased.. I was shocked when I found out that Dara featured in one of GD's song because she's totally not GD's type(not as a girl ok). It's good to hear different music in his album.. If it's all gonna be "hey i'm gonna punch face" music then I wouldn't really appreciate it because.. I'm not like my sister who likes hip-hop , rapper.. whatever you wanna call it

The Leaders (feat. Teddy and CL) :Because I'm 2ne1 biased. and I love Teddy Oppa just like CL!.. I love the "G D G D baby baby" part.. remind mo of SNSD's Gee.. Ow wait? that's it! hahaha..

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