Saturday, September 5, 2009

Korean Towel Sheep Head

If you love watching Korean dramas, or just Variety shows or Talk shows.. you'll see a lot of this. And I guess you can only find it in Korea.. [if you exclude Matador] So yea I'm really like jumpin up and down when I found an article that teaches you how to do the towel sheep head.. I didn't know that it was called like that. So hopefully after reading this you'll be like me.. Go straight to the bathroom and practice making one :D

So what does this towel sheep head for?.. Honestly I don't know either. all I know is you'll see people wearing it at Jjimjilbang (찜질방) Korean Sauna. I think it'll make you look cute like those two cute kids!..

1.)Take a towel and fold it into 3 parts

2.)Fold 1 side in

3.)Then fold in again, so that the towel is a rectangle shape

4.)Fold in both side of the towel, keep folding in until its big enough for your head.
(just like folding the bottom of a jeans)

5.) Then look for the center part and open up so that you can wear it.

Then of course put it in your head!.. Just so you know I have a picture of me wearing this but it didn't come out nice.. It's like a trying hard to be korean lady >.<..  This will definitely be on my list to do when Mico and I will go to Korea. kekekek!..

photo cred:koreanclicks

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