Monday, September 28, 2009

[KDrama] Tamra, The Island - 탐나는 도다 (Done!)

Remember my previous blog about Tamna?Check it HERE. It's finally over. I'm satisfied with the ending but somehow it seems like they rushed it. MBC made a wrong decision on cutting 4 episodes of Tamra just because of poor ratings. I don't really watch Historical dramas even if it's a comedy like Hong Gil Dong because it feels so ancient, you know what i mean?

But Tamra is different, the writer of this manhwa is jjang! It gives you the background story of Jeju island and on how people live on that day, how ignorant they are from other countries and all that stuff. And you can't predict who she'll end up with because Beo Jin (the main actress) is kinda immature. But her mom knows who she wants to be with, Beo Jin is just denying her feelings and wanna be loyal to her first love even if her heart is not fully there anymore.

The soundtracks of this drama and the water scenes is an epic win for me. I think i'll be hanging around Koreatown again. haaha! I'm still waiting for the DVD Box set because they didn't cut it so it has 20 episodes.. can't wait! December! come quickly!

Here's the 15 min preview:

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