Thursday, October 1, 2009

[KDrama] On Watch: You're Beautiful

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         The next drama I'm following is You're Beautiful. I don't wanna expect anything big from it because the dramas that I followed last summer disappointed me (Triple and Dream). Seeing the trailer gives me the idea that it's gonna be like Hana Kimi slash Hana Yori Dango kind of drama which is a little unexpected because I haven't seen any Korean Dramas that is parallel to Japanese Dramas. The only thing that excites me from this drama is the casts. Jang Geun Suk!!! finally you're back! and I'm not just gonna see him act.. I'm also gonna see him sing! waaah!.. I hope I'll get used to his hairstyle fast.

I'm also anticipating Hongki here. I like him in F.T. island, he's such a dork!.. Park Shin Hye is like a CF princess in Korea and I've seen her in Goong S and even though I didn't finish watching that drama she gave me long impression there.

Title: You Are Handsome (미남이시네요)
Also known as:  You Are Beautiful Broadcast
Period: October 7, 2009; Wednesday - ThursdayBroadcast
Network: SBS

You’re Beautiful follows teenage pop idol group members and their growth, love lives, and conflicts as they progress in their careers. Jang Geun-seok plays a young simple country boy who becomes part of a idol boy band.  The premise of the drama will follow the story of the top 3-member idol group, who is searching for a 4th member. Lee Hongki, Jang Geun Suk ang Yonghwa recruit a new male member played by Park Shin Hye, but when he suffers an injury, Park Shin Hye's twin sister, also played by Park Shin Hye, takes over. -viikii

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