Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Oh yes Yakult!

I moved on with my addiction on Choco Pie and Milk!.. Last Sunday after church me, my brother and my sister were craving for some Yakult so we asked our dad if we can go to Koreatown Plaza before heading home.. why Koreatown? because they carry the cheapest Yakult in Los Angeles! In Food for Less it cost $2.75 while in Koreatown it's just $0.59! it's a huge difference! I don't know why they sell it cheaper...

So yea we bought 6 packs of yakult(36 pcs) and I guess my brother was so happy that he even told us to buy more stuff in the Korean grocery store. And that's how "Oh Yes (o-ye-sue)" and I met. The best ever! I thought it will be like any other choco cake.. but heck no! it's waay different!. We didn't know that it tasted that good so we just bought one box and now there's no more left T_T everyone in our family likes it.

We need to go get our "oh yes" and yakult next week!

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