Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Taeyang's "Where U At" is out!

Finally! Such a nice song. very well written by Teddy Oppa!
"The lyrics of ‘Where u at’ are written taking into consideration that 22-year-old Tae Yang has naver had a girlfriend, and it could come to the heart because it is the story like Tae Yang’s actual circumstances imagining and waiting for the future girlfriend living somewhere in the world. -YG Statement"

Taeyang amazes me from the inside out. The fact that he never had a real girlfriend before made me fall for him more... I so envy who ever he'll end up with. This song is dedicated to her even though he doesn't know her yet.I just wish that he will stick to what he believes in until the end. I'm sure he gets tempted to have a girlfriend but I hope that he's view on a girlfriend is like Choi Si Won's.

The music video came out real good. He don't need to take of his shirt to see how hot he is. (awkward)Very simple.. makes you wanna focus on the lyrics more. And it makes me smile whenever I see the cross on his shirt.
And Teddy Oppa was included in the video! waaah! They must be really close huh?... I remember that he shares his problems with him... awww... what a cute brotherly love.... Enjoy watching everyone!... Excited for the "Wedding Dress" and for his album to come out on stores!!

This will be his signature dance move of the year =D


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