Thursday, October 8, 2009

Mano Po-ing

Last night at our midweek Bible study an old filipina lady came and it's my first time seeing her there and so me and my sister talked to her after the study and all then when it's time for her to leave I unconsciously grab her hand in give her a "mano po", like my hands have its own mind. Both of us were shocked on what I just did then she just smiled at me.

After that incident it made me miss greeting my parents, aunts, uncle and grandparents with "mano po".. My Grandparents would always say "bless you" after we "mano" to them.

And again it made me think. When did I stop doing "mano po" to my parents? Patty and I used to run over the screen door when we hear our parents' car coming to "mano" for them but I can't remember when we stopped? and why?

It seems more like when you reach high school "mano" becomes only for people that has "grey hair" because sometimes people get offended and all. Well that's what I think.

People in my peers what age did you stop "mano po-ing" to your parents or to any adults... or do you still do it??

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