Tuesday, October 27, 2009

KK's Birthday

Now I know why my mom never held a birthday party for us when we were kids... because it's so dead tiring to host a party! I don't know how my aunt can do it every year for my cousins.. From now on I will erase my grudge over birthday parties that I never had... kekeke =)

The funny.. and weird part was when it's already 4PM and people were still there.. chit chatting and eating. I love having people around but leaving around 7:30 is unacceptable! haha! kidding!.. But they should have realize that we still need to clean up, eat, go to church tomorrow and go home (ontario to l.a. is no joke) We finished everything around 10:30 and got home around 12 a.m... It's tiring, true, but it was a lot of fun! My little cousin Karyn cracks me up!... she's such a tomboy!.. and Omy! Kathleen is not a kid no more! I can't believe it!

And of course me and Patty did the face painting. My dad kinda sell us out to my aunt =) I guess he's so proud with us eh?... we should do this as a business.. well.. we're kinda starting but we'll see how it goes. Err.. and We didn't expect it to be our "advertisement" if only we knew, we would have come prepared with flyers and business card and stuff =)) lol!...

And our birthday present to them are chubby bunnies! wah! I hope they take care of them =D.. I think it's the new "it" thing today...

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