Wednesday, October 14, 2009

2NE1- SBS Strong Heart

Finally! Their first ever variety show appearance. I feel like Minji and Dara are the most excited ones to do variety shows. Actually both of them did all the talking than CL and Bom. CL looks like she's being careful with her words while Bom looks like she doesn't care what's happening.. haha! she cracks me up! She looks sleepy the whole time... or maybe that's just her eyes.

1) Last night before SBS Strong Heat aired I was re-watching "My Name Is Sandara Park".. I don't know how I ended up doing that. But yea.. when I first saw the episode where she sang Arirang, I really thought that she sang it well. And that gave me hope that she will be fine joining a girl group.

2)I really got jealous when she told them that she went noraebang with Se7en and G-dragon. I remember seeing a Se7en Poster at her room in My Name is Sandara Park. I wonder how she felt when YG called her to be a trainee in his company.

3)Bom made me laugh when she was explaining how neat freak CL was. I think I can relate how GD feels when he copies Bom. haha!.. And Leeteuk nice adlib! You really are from Boom's academy.. he's becoming like Boom little by little.

4)I hope she didn't just pick Brian because she was sitting beside her. Brian looks really good for me. I don't know if they'll match.. but maybe Bom can learn how to loosen up with Brian. hahaha! :)) If Brian didn't turn out to be a singer he would pass as a gagman. =)

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