Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Big Bang Let Me Hear Your Voice

Finally! some BigBang goodies!... Taeyang and Daesung almost sang the whole song and I don't have any complaints with that.. not at all. I love their voice.. I love T.O.P.'s charisma and G-Dragon's randomness.. kekeke. I'm loving all the song that YG released today..

I'm getting a lot of goodies today.. Park Bom's digital single, You're Beautiful Episode 7,photos, previews, spoilers.. Mblaq's reality show (not yet sure if this is a good news for me, we'll see) Big Bang's digital single! and I hope to see more :D

Park Shin Hye

I only know her because she's like the CF Princess in Korea.. I don't see her much in famous dramas that I know since 2005. Only Goong S which is well known drama because of it's failure on making it big like the previous Goong. Anyway she's the main lead of the drama I'm currently watching.. and obsessing! and Jang Geun Suk is his partner which makes it double awesome!.. Her role here is a cross dresser "soon-to-be-nun", not really like coffee prince or hana kimi that already have the tomboy attitude.

Keeping an eye on her!! love love her!

Park Bom's You and I

Finally! she's my favorite member in 2NE1!... when I first saw her audition clip I fell in love at her voice... I hope to hear her sing more of this kind of songs =D

Love the song, Love the MV, Love her! she's so Bom! Why do they like to kill their main actor all the time?... I remember one of seoulbeats post about Ariel Lin's Fireflies MV with DongHae and Siwon that of course it's a happy ending because taiwanese are happy people not like koreans.. kekeke

Can't get enough of Park Bom??.. here are some screen caps that I grabbed from dc2ne1.. Enjoy =D Click the Image for better quality

KK's Birthday

Now I know why my mom never held a birthday party for us when we were kids... because it's so dead tiring to host a party! I don't know how my aunt can do it every year for my cousins.. From now on I will erase my grudge over birthday parties that I never had... kekeke =)

The funny.. and weird part was when it's already 4PM and people were still there.. chit chatting and eating. I love having people around but leaving around 7:30 is unacceptable! haha! kidding!.. But they should have realize that we still need to clean up, eat, go to church tomorrow and go home (ontario to l.a. is no joke) We finished everything around 10:30 and got home around 12 a.m... It's tiring, true, but it was a lot of fun! My little cousin Karyn cracks me up!... she's such a tomboy!.. and Omy! Kathleen is not a kid no more! I can't believe it!

And of course me and Patty did the face painting. My dad kinda sell us out to my aunt =) I guess he's so proud with us eh?... we should do this as a business.. well.. we're kinda starting but we'll see how it goes. Err.. and We didn't expect it to be our "advertisement" if only we knew, we would have come prepared with flyers and business card and stuff =)) lol!...

And our birthday present to them are chubby bunnies! wah! I hope they take care of them =D.. I think it's the new "it" thing today...

Sunday, October 25, 2009

F.T. Triple's Love Letter is out!

F.T Triple, composed of 3 members Choi Jong Hoon, Choi Min Hwan and Lee Jae Jin, is a sub group made from F.T Island. F.T Triple finally released their album "Two Date" as well as the MV for their title-song "Love Letter" today!

I'm so loving F.T. Island right now (i still call them ft island even if they call them ft triple.. because I don't want to make my life hard ^^)

And I really need to point this out.. Their photo (up there) is so A.N.Jell-ish!

Thursday, October 22, 2009

G-Dragon's Butterfly MV

Didn't expect him to release a Music Video for this song. Did they change their mind on making a MV for "A boy"?.. I both love the songs because that's the kind of music I listen to (minus the rap) before I got involved to K-pop. It's nice to see various songs in his first solo album.. it only shows how versatile he is.

And it reminds me so much of Charlie and The Chocolate Factory... The hat and the scenario... hmmm.. do you think he got the idea from that movie?.. anyway I'm satisfied with the MV... it's simple but nice.. makes you wanna focus more on the song =D. I wonder if he will still release an MV for "A Boy".. I heard that that song was written by himself and it's kinda like his story.. he started singing ever since he was a little kiddo.

Tuesday, October 20, 2009

2NE1 in W Korea

It's nice to see them rock a different style =D.. They totally nailed the photo shoot!. I personally love Bom's shots, 2nd-Dara & 3rd-Minji. CL always looks fierce so there's no big transformation happened. Her shots are kinda.. predictable. I love her shots but Bom really won it this time =D...

Sunday, October 18, 2009

F.T. Island craze

I started listening to them when Hongki was in Mnet Scandal, I got interested with his looks to be honest, and made a few research of him.. then I fell in love with their songs.. (only the ones with the video of course :D ) and made me change to Choi Jong Hoon.. kekekke...

So yea.. They're the only idol group that I know that actually plays the instrument on the stage and not sing and dance.. which caught my attention.. it breaks the stereotype from Korean Entertainment. C.N. Blue is also from the same company so I almost see them as one. I feel like they need to be recognize more because they've been in this business for so long and they're still rocking it.. but I guess that's the good thing of not having a lot of attention.. the slower you rise the slower you fall.. the faster you rise the faster you fall.. err.. did I just butcher that quote? hehe.. can't remember the exact word..

F.T. Island- Raining

Thursday, October 15, 2009

A bigger bang in 2010

That's why I like them.. Next year will be a bigger bang with their comeback!.. This year they focus more on their Solo Activities and releasing an album in Japan..

Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Taeyang's "Where U At" is out!

Finally! Such a nice song. very well written by Teddy Oppa!
"The lyrics of ‘Where u at’ are written taking into consideration that 22-year-old Tae Yang has naver had a girlfriend, and it could come to the heart because it is the story like Tae Yang’s actual circumstances imagining and waiting for the future girlfriend living somewhere in the world. -YG Statement"

Taeyang amazes me from the inside out. The fact that he never had a real girlfriend before made me fall for him more... I so envy who ever he'll end up with. This song is dedicated to her even though he doesn't know her yet.I just wish that he will stick to what he believes in until the end. I'm sure he gets tempted to have a girlfriend but I hope that he's view on a girlfriend is like Choi Si Won's.

The music video came out real good. He don't need to take of his shirt to see how hot he is. (awkward)Very simple.. makes you wanna focus on the lyrics more. And it makes me smile whenever I see the cross on his shirt.
And Teddy Oppa was included in the video! waaah! They must be really close huh?... I remember that he shares his problems with him... awww... what a cute brotherly love.... Enjoy watching everyone!... Excited for the "Wedding Dress" and for his album to come out on stores!!

This will be his signature dance move of the year =D


MBLAQ for this season!

I'm always curious about them since Rain announced that he's building an idol boy group. Last summer a lot of girl groups and girl solo singer had debuted and now it's the guys turn. (there's still few girl groups that will debut this season but it doesn't get my attention) B2ST came first them MBLAQ followed by Child of Empire and so on. I guess those three will be battling while the rest... will rest.lol!

Their photo shoot for Nylon made me root for them. It made me think "Ah...another big bang? or is it half big bang half 2pm?." They look manly enough for me to get convince that they are good and pushed aside the fact that they should have a good voice first because they are singers and not models or actors. Kpop mostly produce pretty boy singers and less manly type. I think DBSK, Big Bang and 2pm have the manly image as a boy group (those three are not active right now T_T) and it looks like MBLAQ will be following their path.

They released their album yesterday and also released "Oh Yeah" MV.. Oh yeah has not yet sinking in to me.. I guess I need to hear it over and over again. G.O.O.D. Luv is the best song among the three... it's gives you the Last Song Syndrome. But I really got disappointed when they showed us their album concept... vampire-ish look is not my type and I'm okay with man liner as long as they don't overdo it (but they did) I didn't like 2PM's outfit for "I hate you", I though they will be the first and last to do it.. but as I said earlier.. they're kinda hald big bang half 2pm.. or more like "more 2pm and a little bit of big bang". I don't know if I'll get used to their look.. I hope they stayed in their first concept.. well let's see, maybe it'll work for them.

And and! I'm falling for Byung Hee!...his voice, his looks... waaaah!... I wanna see them with less make up to see their gorgeous faces! Please! And I love his part in "Oh Yeah". Watch the mv here:

2NE1- SBS Strong Heart

Finally! Their first ever variety show appearance. I feel like Minji and Dara are the most excited ones to do variety shows. Actually both of them did all the talking than CL and Bom. CL looks like she's being careful with her words while Bom looks like she doesn't care what's happening.. haha! she cracks me up! She looks sleepy the whole time... or maybe that's just her eyes.

1) Last night before SBS Strong Heat aired I was re-watching "My Name Is Sandara Park".. I don't know how I ended up doing that. But yea.. when I first saw the episode where she sang Arirang, I really thought that she sang it well. And that gave me hope that she will be fine joining a girl group.

2)I really got jealous when she told them that she went noraebang with Se7en and G-dragon. I remember seeing a Se7en Poster at her room in My Name is Sandara Park. I wonder how she felt when YG called her to be a trainee in his company.

3)Bom made me laugh when she was explaining how neat freak CL was. I think I can relate how GD feels when he copies Bom. haha!.. And Leeteuk nice adlib! You really are from Boom's academy.. he's becoming like Boom little by little.

4)I hope she didn't just pick Brian because she was sitting beside her. Brian looks really good for me. I don't know if they'll match.. but maybe Bom can learn how to loosen up with Brian. hahaha! :)) If Brian didn't turn out to be a singer he would pass as a gagman. =)

Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Binky Bunny

Auntie Gracia is here!... Bugsee is so big na!... wag kang lalaki bugsee!...lol.

Sometimes we call him "muymuy" but my cousins can't pronounce it well and they ended up calling him "moymoy"

And Patty calls him "minjiboom" too.. don't ask why. hahaha!

Karyn doesn't look like a baby nomore! she'll be 6 years old next saturday and all of us where planning to give her a birthday party. (as usual we're gonna do the face painting...hmmmm)

And and! we'll go to knotts berry on Saturday! weeee!