Sunday, December 26, 2010


Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year! (better late than never)
Jesus is the reason of this season :D... Thank You Lord for sending Your Son for us to have a place in heaven where You are.

Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Cool is Uncool

I was hurt by this one guy because I gave all my love to him without him knowing it. I wanted to look cool in front of him that I decided not to show that I love him so much. I hold myself on following him when he left me inside the bus and transfer to another when we had a fight. I wanna cry but I don't want him to see that I care. When he broke up with me with just a small reason I didn't try to get him back even if I can... I could've save our relationship but I acted cool. Instead of getting back with him, I look for another guy to tell him that he's not all that.We lasted only for a month but I have feelings for him for more than 4 years. He only knew my name when he started courting me but I already know his name for more than 4 years. No I didn't woo him.. I don't even know why he suddenly approach me.

After one month of our break up he contacted me maybe just to be a casual friend.. I was not over him but I wanted to show him I was. Then I told him our relationship was not serious so their should be no awkwardness then I asked him why did he broke up that time.. then he told me he just want me to come to him, kinda feel like he's needed, but I found a replacement so fast that's why he didn't renconcile with me.

OUCH!.. ouch! I wanted to beat myself up that time. I was watching Marry Me, Mary this week and Jung In told Seo Jun (Seo Jun and I kinda have the same storyline) "Your act of being cool made you lose your love one"... I'm paraphrasing as soon as they upload the english subbed for that episode I'll change this.

But I moved on already, He contacted me again this year and told me he was sorry for what he has done which by the way I didn't expect will happen. He was kind of a bad boy and I was also hurt by him in different areas but... I didn't know I hold grudges at him that time until he asked for forgiveness.

Anyway the lesson for me... don't act cool because in love you need to be stupid. hahahaha.. I hope he will not read this.. I doubt that he would know my true feelings.. only me and my readers will know about it. I wanna add a song related to my story but I can't find any. hahaha.. >.<

Kpop Christmas

I said before that I'm in search of nice photo shoots for this season in Kpop world.. I found some that brought warmth to me while seeing these photos.

JYP's nation.. Love the clothes, the background and everything about it... (I miss Jaebom T_T) And the second photo was included because of Jia and Nickhun's adorable-ness

Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Feel the blue

I really wanna get a flight ticket to Korea right now and be at C.N.Blue's concert on Christmas... I wanna hear Jonghyun's voice live! I'm sorry Yonghwa but his voice brings tears to my eyes.. it's very soft and so comforting that even a fancam will move me. I'm so happy now that FNC allowed them to debut this year, it would've been nice for them to stay indie for a while but it's all good. I have a long list of my favorite covers they made this year. They should hurry and release a new album or maybe on their first anniversary?.. Weee! I'm excited. I don't know if I'm being bias but I like almost all their songs even those they don't promote on music shows.

Monday, December 20, 2010

Hold hands in Miracle

This is so stuck in my head for the whole month! At first I didn't like this song but it keeps on playing in my mind that I end up liking it... And this is the first secular song that I learn to play on my guitar.. I wanna dig a hole right now for telling it to my readers >.< hahaha. This is all PBB Teen Clash's fault!

Yeng Constantino- Hawak Kamay

I love Jay-r's voice.. I don't know most of his original songs but I know one that made me like him, I think the title of that song is "Design 4 Luv".. yes you spell it like that. Jay-r's RnB voice makes this song extra special =) It's raining right now here at my place and this song is perfect for the weather.. senti mode almost

Jay-R Himala

Sunday, December 19, 2010


One morning my sister is talking to her boyfriend and I woke up because of her noise but I just let it pass because she's already gonna hung up.. but it took her like five minutes before she hung up.. as in! She said "bye bye" thirty times already and it's really killing me because I wanna go back to sleep...

I usually don't say anything to them but it reached my limit that I told them "When are you really gonna hung up?! What's taking so long?! I wanna go back to sleep.. You're irritating me!!"... she was so shocked that she end up laughing... it also made me smile after a while. =)

Oh High!

I love their debut performance, it's very lively! Made me appreciate Oh Yeah more.. it really does make a lot of difference. For the High High.. I wasn't that high about the song because I don't usually like pure rap songs.. it just lack "singing"...But seeing the live performance it sounded like a really fun song.. choreography is a plus :D.. always! I had the same feeling with 2NE1's "Go Away". I get to see the Kwon Twins too! Weeeeee! I'm excited to hear the whole album.. I don't wanna post anything about GDTOP until they release the whole album but I can't restrain my fangirling with their debut performance :D I like this better than their music video

Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Feed your Kmadness

Found good sites that I started following.. There's a lot of good bloggers and helpful sites to feed your kpop madness but these sites have different sides of Korean Culture. And a good theme/ layout is always a plus =D
I found out about her blog this month because of the fanaccount of G-dragon and TOP's music video filming, but I wasn't drawn of her blog because of that.. I was more drawn to her stories about her life in Korea and her personal blogs. She's added to the foreign bloggers in Korea that I follow.. (aa-chan and eatyourkimchi)

Still new on following this blog, it's very user friendly and it loads really fast. Allkpop has been the top kpop blog but they're a little bit slow. I don't know if hellokpop is new or not but I like it, I hope they will continue on updating fast. And what made me like them is that they interview one of my faves NIA =)

Tuesday, December 14, 2010


Early morning today I woke up feeling like I'm about to die, I felt like my heart is shrinking and my backbone starts breaking into pieces.. I literally thought that I was dying because I was in so much pain, I don't know what to do if I should let myself be in pain dying while sleeping.. (seriously) But I couldn't sleep. I remember what my sister did when she was in pain before and I was the only one awake.. she went outside of our room and told me to pray for her, I was in shock when she asked me that time and I did pray for her but after that I ponder to myself.. Who do I call unto when I'm in pain? Who do I ask for help? My sister could've prayed for herself that time.. the Lord is listening, but He also said when two or more are gathered there He will be.. When I was feeling like I'm dying this morning I thought of what my sister did, I went to my parents room and told them what I was feeling and after telling it to them I started throwing up.. and after that I was relieved for a bit. I was scared to wake them up that hour because they might get mad but instead of getting mad they gave me love, even if it was 3AM in the morning they did all their best for me to be relieved.. I slept beside my mom because I knew I wouldn't feel better if I go back to my room.

I'm just so grateful to have parents beside me. This situation also remind me of when I was a little kid. When I catch a cold or fever I would go to my parents and the first thing they will do is to pray for me.. before I didn't see that it works but looking back now I am so thankful for my Father for always healing me, He is faithful and He will answer if we just ask. :D

Monday, December 13, 2010

GDTOP baby baby!

Two more hours and I will see them live! I wasn't all hype with the song they sang during MAMA 2010, but I'm really expecting their collaboration with Bommie Unnie!  They did collabs before 2NE1 even happened, and I love all the songs.. so yeah :D... Excited.. I've been always wanting to post this photo, not a fan of Old Man style, I like GD's hair :) especially when he puts it up like Akanishi Jin.

Pink is love

I saw scans of these last month, I am so mad how they cut Lee Soo Hyuk in one of the pictures.. I just found out today that he's part of that photo.. Ayyyy.. SidusHQ needs to have a new photo shoot for this guys.. with Jay. haha! I'm still looking for a good Christmas photos for this month...

Monday, December 6, 2010

OPM bangs

Sam Milby- Closer

I'm listening to OPM music, it's all MYMP's fault.. because I saw her on omonatheydidnt today, she release an album in Korea, anyway.. I'm enjoying my time listening to old OPM songs, it brings back old good memories... Nina, Nyoy Volante, Jimmy Bondoc(just one song), Paolo Santos, Kyla, Southborder.. so many good artists! I love their revive songs because they give their own flavor.

After I left Philippines I don't know any new OPM bands anymore, do they still produce bands? they're going with the flow and following Kpop.. really, Philippines.. don't go with the flow because what we have is already great. I hope if they do produce singers like the singers that I said previously then that's good...

I just finished watching PBB Teen Clash 2010. I only started when teenternationals came, I know I'm so 3000 and late hahaha, they can't show PBB here that's why. I don't how I end up watching it but yea... Ryan Bang is my favorite.. he's so funny like crazy! He's someone that I want to be friends with.. Really! And I love the bickering of Jenny and Ryan.. and how Jenny lies down dead when she's trying to hide something. hehehe. But after they got out of the house they seem so fabricated na.. except Ryan of course.. Haayss.. look what showbiz has done to these people.

Thursday, December 2, 2010

New Journals!!!

My mom bought me two journals!! Weee! I'm so happy, I always want to get the journal she gave for my sister because she doesn't use it... but she's so selfish and said there will be a day that she will use it. hahaha. Anyway I love to write, I'm not really good with words as you can see with my blog but I just love to write.. I love writing in school than typing... Especially when I make essays I usually handwrite it then type in a computer, because I feel more like words are more real when it's like that.. I don't know.. what do you think?

I just need a reason to use it.. I still one that I'm using.. hopefully I'll use it for school next year! wee! I don't wanna expect but I'm still hoping :D

2NE1 Don't Stop the Music

YG released a music video for 2NE1 song for Yamaha CF in Thailand, And there back with the lego theme.. I love it! I miss this nice colorful theme. But the song is not as strong as "Try To Follow Me".. but I still love the video. YG makes a good music video doesn't he?... I like the part where CL and Minzy were singing "Fiore!!" (If I'm not mistaken)


I'm a little late about this news.. it's because I wasn't really interested especially hearing "Miss You".. maybe I need to hear it more, unlike one of their songs in the album "Hot Times" first time hearing it I'm already drawn to it.. And in Super Junior Kyuhun is my favorite because his voice is so calm, Jonghyun ..I don't really have any favorite in Shinee, I'm not really a fan of Shinee but I end up liking all their songs.. haha what's wrong with me? part of my liking Shinee is because of Jonghyun's powerful voice. Anyway about this song "Hot Times" ..I like the "yeaaaahhhhhh!" parts.. hahaha, not much to say about it.. but it's on my repeat now.