Monday, December 20, 2010

Hold hands in Miracle

This is so stuck in my head for the whole month! At first I didn't like this song but it keeps on playing in my mind that I end up liking it... And this is the first secular song that I learn to play on my guitar.. I wanna dig a hole right now for telling it to my readers >.< hahaha. This is all PBB Teen Clash's fault!

Yeng Constantino- Hawak Kamay

I love Jay-r's voice.. I don't know most of his original songs but I know one that made me like him, I think the title of that song is "Design 4 Luv".. yes you spell it like that. Jay-r's RnB voice makes this song extra special =) It's raining right now here at my place and this song is perfect for the weather.. senti mode almost

Jay-R Himala

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