Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Feed your Kmadness

Found good sites that I started following.. There's a lot of good bloggers and helpful sites to feed your kpop madness but these sites have different sides of Korean Culture. And a good theme/ layout is always a plus =D
I found out about her blog this month because of the fanaccount of G-dragon and TOP's music video filming, but I wasn't drawn of her blog because of that.. I was more drawn to her stories about her life in Korea and her personal blogs. She's added to the foreign bloggers in Korea that I follow.. (aa-chan and eatyourkimchi)

Still new on following this blog, it's very user friendly and it loads really fast. Allkpop has been the top kpop blog but they're a little bit slow. I don't know if hellokpop is new or not but I like it, I hope they will continue on updating fast. And what made me like them is that they interview one of my faves NIA =)

I have my own MP3 and have all my favorite Kpop songs there but it's still nice to listen without knowing what's next. They're on 24/7. Nothing much to say about them.. but they're great :D

One of the many Korean drama recappers :) She recaps really fast with the current dramas that I'm watching right now and always translate updates from the dramas I like. heehee.. Dramabeans is a classic but it's always nice to find other bloggers.

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