Saturday, February 27, 2010

You're Beautiful Director's Cut DVD!

Finally it's here! 3 months of waiting!... I can be calm now.hahaha! Well I just found out today that the dvd is not available in my region.. boohoo.. my hopes on watching it on our TV is gone, it depends if my sister will buy me a free region dvd.. or if my brother can fix our dvd player, but anyway I'm just happy that I can finally touch it. and the freebies are great!.. watching it on my laptop wouldn't be so bad.. so yea it's all good ^_^..

For those who have not gotten their copy I'm sure it'll arrive soon! I will still keep visiting YAB Soompi Thread because the extras are not subbed.

Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Tokki's baby bunnies

Their eyes are still close I think we still need to wait few more weeks... They're one week old right now. Too bad we can't keep them all, we are still looking for two parents that will adopt them, want to apply? ^^

Tuesday, February 23, 2010

IU- 다섯째 손가락 for Telecinema 19

No it doesn't have any Marshmallow or Rock U feel. (I still love Marshmallow even if her voice is too cutesy) Her cutesy is not irritating to hear and the song is just as sweet as her.

But I'm not sure if the song fits well to the movie, it looks like Telecinema 19 is not that as hardcore as I expect it to be. I wish I can see this movie. I really want to! Even if I have to buy a DVD I will but too bad they don't produce that many Korean movies into DVD. I haven't seen any videos floating around the net either.. only trailers and short clips with a crappy quality. haaayss.. Anyway here's the Music Video for IU's song for Telecinema 19

Park Shin Hye/ Min Hyo Rin for Nylon March Issue

I guess Park Shin Hye is keeping the tomboy image for a long time but she's not throwing away her feminine side either just as we saw on her Elle Magazine March Issue spread. She looks cute in the first photo, she's like a 12 years old playing a dress-up game in her sister's closet

While Min Hyo Rin showed a mature side of her. Well even though she's an 86er I still see her as a girl who just finished her high school this year. Her Triple image is still visible for me. I wonder if she has any new project this year, I felt like Poong Ho her boyfriend in Triple garnered more attention than her. But it's alright Song Joong Ki is more on the pleasing the public and Min Hyo Rin focuses more on her acting career.

Here are the magazine scans shared by Shinhye International. Thanks so much for sharing! ^_^ I didn't include the two scanned photos because Nylon already released the official photo.

Monday, February 22, 2010

JaesonMa - LOVE

I only know him from being Siwon's brother in Christ and that he's close with Christian artists in Kpop scene.I only found out about his music at Aatheory.. the message of the song is really great that greatest love we could ever find is God's love for sending His Son to die for us ALL to be saved.

Toy Story - Movie

Who's excited for Toy Story 3?!!!... I AM!!!! When I heard through my brother that there's gonna be Toy Story 3 last year I didn't fully believe in him because there was no proof. I know June is still far but I really can't wait! Toy Story is the best movie I've ever seen, I like Bugs Life too and all Pixar Movies. I remember watching it over and over again with our Toy Story VHS tape.. and I remember crying while watching it. And Toy Story's You got a friend in me never gets old for me. I keep on asking my brother to by a DVD of Toy Story 1&2 because I need to re-watch it before Toy Story 3 will be out it's been what ten years? since I last saw it.


I'm so loving these photos! Waah! I am so missing the couple so much! They don't look like a lover or something's going on with them on these photos, they look more like a dongsaeng-oppa relationship and I'm loving it! Because it would be boring if they look like a real couple there's no adventure to that.. I know I don't have the right to make a decision for them but I hope they will end up together not because the public wants them to but because they love each other! Wah! Sorry fangirling here.

I can't wait for my You're Beautiful Director's Cut DVD to come!! I think I'll get in the first or second week of March.. I have been waiting for that DVD for 3 months already!

Park Shin Hye for Elle March

Now I don't see any Go Mi Nam from this photo shoot, which is a good thing for me. She looks adorable with the wavy long hair with bangs, I didn't really like her hair before "You're Beautiful" days because it looks plain and she looks almost everyone her photos that time looks sexy and rebellious..and I'm not really a fan of those image. Heavy make-up, revealing covers the real beauty of a lady. I like her image now I hope she keeps it.


Hi Mate!

I've been listening to Mate's latest album "With Mate" this February, the music they make is definitely not new to my ears, there's a lot of bands in Western countries and even in my country so I'm used to listening to this kind of music the only new thing about it is that it's Korean and I don't understand the lyrics.. but there's something about their Korean language that attracts me, how should I put it in words.. they sound pure and romantic? okay maybe not so pure but it's close to that. My favorite from the whole album are Dear My Mate and Better.. Go and It's All About Love are okay too.

Dear My Mate


It's All About Love


Sunday, February 21, 2010

Open up your happiness!

2PM has done a lot of CFs these past few months first Corby then Paris Barquette Cass Beer, O Brownies(?), Spris, Coca Cola and Oppo.. did I miss anything? well I'm sure there's more to come. I love all the songs they did for these CFs.. my favorites are Tik Tok for Cass and Open Happiness for their latest CF Coca Cola, I don't know if the song is so 2PM but I like how it's very lively and it's cute but not very cutesy, they still look manly while showing those chessy smiles and winks. I hope they release an official music video they only showed the behind the scenes music video for now, I was waiting for the official video before posting it here but my fingers are itching to share it. ^^

Open up Open up your Happiness!

Friday, February 19, 2010

Lollipop 2

What I like about YG artist is you can identify who's singing, each member has it's own uniqueness maybe it's like that with other companies but since I don't pay attention to them like I do in YG artist so I'm not really sure. The song is not very danceable like the first Lollipop with 2NE1 but the angst is still there. What I like about big bang is there fashion sense, I didn't get what they're trying to say at first but I think I'm getting it now.. I hope they stay colorful w/o looking cheap because that's what separate them from other guy groups.

Lollipop Part 2

Thursday, February 18, 2010

Tokki is now a Baby Mama!

One of our bunnies gave birth to five baby bunnies yesterday. We didn't see it coming.. we weren't actually sure if she's a she. I doubted that she was a girl because you can't really identify it, but Patty have this strong gut feeling that she is a girl... but we never expect her to be pregnant because she's still a baby! Well she looks like one because she's a dwarf bunny but we were so shocked. For now we don't know what to do.. I'm sure if we have a bigger place we will keep all of them but since we're not that fortunate I know we will end up giving it away.. But I wanna keep at least one! We have to check if it's a male first!

Monday, February 15, 2010

8 Mnet Countdown MCs for Singles

Kang Min Hyuk is one of them! woot woot! Chansung, Nichkhun and Junho from 2PM Jinwoon and Jokwon from 2AM , Joon and G.O. from Mblaq are the other 7 MCs. They will be rotating everyweek. I really don't like how Mnet Countdown before but as they promised they will bring new to the table so from now on I'll start watching Mnet Countdown.

Not really digging the photo.. Too much make-up but the news saved it. ^^

credit: daum + hyuksu@soompi

My Heartbeat goes Tik Tok

When I first heard "Tik Tok" I was not impress but when they released the drama CF I fell in love with the song. Junsu and Wooyoung's part are my favorite especially the "" part. Red Soul made an acapella cover and mixed it with "Heartbeat" and I'm just amazed with their cover that I know I need to post it on my blog even if it's late. I first saw them on Star King with the amazing high school girls acapella group.

Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Mblaq for TBJ

Seungho is starting to grow on me.. I love how he's not a guy who you can ask aegyo every time. But I don't like his hairstyle for this photo shoot, It's Chundoong's hairstyle that I like this month.. yea, it seems like every month I have a favorite hairstyle from different members. err.. This is the hardest time for me to rank the boys when I already saw all their charms. Anyway, Valentines is coming up...and I'm alone again, it's been two years aiiiish.. whatever.


Homemade Soft Pretzel

Yum Yum Yum!... I can't believe my sister's knowledge in cooking/baking is upgrading!.. And I'm glad to be her food tester =D.. "고마워요 언니"

If you wanna learn how to make Homemade Soft Pretzel and Chocolate Dip visit Pattyssier@tumblr.

Down with Love

The two looks lovely together! I'm totally enjoying the drama right now.. Jerry Yan's appearance never changes, I wonder if he's a vampire (lol), he's not pale though.. :)) Ella Chen is just way too adorable when she acts! I hope the episode when they will start to fall for each other will be meaningful not just like coming out of nowhere.

Monday, February 8, 2010

Quote of the Day

That's Very Hot!

That's very hot!!!- Boom (currently serving his country ^^.. I miss him!)

Spicy Mussel Ramen Soup for me, Fish Cake Soup for my sister.. Visit her tumblr HERE.

Lollipop 2

I'm so excited!! Another Big Bang news for 2010! But kinda sad because 2NE1 is not gonna be there. But it's all good, I'm sure there's more in store for us when it comes to 2NE1... Tabi!!!!!!!! Whatever you do captures my heart!

Oh! Star! Star! Star!

I'm not really a SNSD fan, but I'm not a hater.. I just get tired of hearing their names everywhere.. And sometimes I can't stand their cutesy songs that talks about they will do everything for a guy or whatsoever. Anyway enough with my insecurities. I believe that all of them can sing they just don't showcase it on their own songs. When I first heard "Oh!" it gave me an irritating feel that suddenly gets stuck in your head and start liking it because you always hear it wherever you go.

And they sang "Star, Star, Star" in Music Core last Saturday. It's my first time hearing it..and I'm really amazed by them. Taeyeon!!! I wish I can sing like you!. All of them did a great job.. they always do that's why they have a lot of antis. lol.

Thursday, February 4, 2010

Reminiscing Aqua

I have a lot of favorite songs from Aqua.. and yes two of them are Barbie Girl and Dr. Jones.. Me and my sister will always play my eldest sister's cassette when she's not around. I still remember the first song from our one and only Aqua cassette tape.. it's happy boys and happy girls and we would jump up and down from our sofa while listening to it... I know Aqua years, Vengaboyz, S Club 7 are the most cheesiest year but I really treasure listening to this music.. I hope they still produce songs like this.

Turn Back Time-This is not one of my favorite when I was a kid, but listening to it now made me like it.

Dr.Jones - a yippi ya-i-yu!!

Barbie Girl - how can I not put Barbie girl??.. did I tell you that I still play with Barbies when Aqua was still popular?

Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Food Magnets

This afternoon we went to Universal City with Ate Pearl to watch a movie, we ran across this store that sell random stuff and found this cute food magnets, it looks so real that it makes you wanna grab and eat it..