Tuesday, February 23, 2010

IU- 다섯째 손가락 for Telecinema 19

No it doesn't have any Marshmallow or Rock U feel. (I still love Marshmallow even if her voice is too cutesy) Her cutesy is not irritating to hear and the song is just as sweet as her.

But I'm not sure if the song fits well to the movie, it looks like Telecinema 19 is not that as hardcore as I expect it to be. I wish I can see this movie. I really want to! Even if I have to buy a DVD I will but too bad they don't produce that many Korean movies into DVD. I haven't seen any videos floating around the net either.. only trailers and short clips with a crappy quality. haaayss.. Anyway here's the Music Video for IU's song for Telecinema 19

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