Monday, February 8, 2010

Oh! Star! Star! Star!

I'm not really a SNSD fan, but I'm not a hater.. I just get tired of hearing their names everywhere.. And sometimes I can't stand their cutesy songs that talks about they will do everything for a guy or whatsoever. Anyway enough with my insecurities. I believe that all of them can sing they just don't showcase it on their own songs. When I first heard "Oh!" it gave me an irritating feel that suddenly gets stuck in your head and start liking it because you always hear it wherever you go.

And they sang "Star, Star, Star" in Music Core last Saturday. It's my first time hearing it..and I'm really amazed by them. Taeyeon!!! I wish I can sing like you!. All of them did a great job.. they always do that's why they have a lot of antis. lol.

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