Saturday, February 27, 2010

You're Beautiful Director's Cut DVD!

Finally it's here! 3 months of waiting!... I can be calm now.hahaha! Well I just found out today that the dvd is not available in my region.. boohoo.. my hopes on watching it on our TV is gone, it depends if my sister will buy me a free region dvd.. or if my brother can fix our dvd player, but anyway I'm just happy that I can finally touch it. and the freebies are great!.. watching it on my laptop wouldn't be so bad.. so yea it's all good ^_^..

For those who have not gotten their copy I'm sure it'll arrive soon! I will still keep visiting YAB Soompi Thread because the extras are not subbed.


ps_pew said...

I would to ask you about it's cost ( in won or dollar). How can I buy it? thank you.

yssers said...

I'm not selling it.. but I got it for 120 USD plus $30 for shipping.. ^^ But I think they're releasing a regular version that cheaper

Pat said...

I know u're not selling it. ;)
My friend went to korea last week and I asked him to find and buy it but he told me it's cost about 160 USD (180000 won) so he didn't buy it to me T_T. (more expensive than some websites for deluxe version)

yssers said...

ow.. maybe because I bought a pre-order one.. but I know there's a cheaper one... without the freebies..