Thursday, February 4, 2010

Reminiscing Aqua

I have a lot of favorite songs from Aqua.. and yes two of them are Barbie Girl and Dr. Jones.. Me and my sister will always play my eldest sister's cassette when she's not around. I still remember the first song from our one and only Aqua cassette tape.. it's happy boys and happy girls and we would jump up and down from our sofa while listening to it... I know Aqua years, Vengaboyz, S Club 7 are the most cheesiest year but I really treasure listening to this music.. I hope they still produce songs like this.

Turn Back Time-This is not one of my favorite when I was a kid, but listening to it now made me like it.

Dr.Jones - a yippi ya-i-yu!!

Barbie Girl - how can I not put Barbie girl??.. did I tell you that I still play with Barbies when Aqua was still popular?

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