Sunday, January 31, 2010

Onigiri Fail/ Ramen Soup Erasers

I bought these ramen soup erasers few months ago and I just used it last week while I'm doodling and found out that you can actually open it and has noodles inside too. I get all happy with these little stuffs. hehehe. I remember when I'm still in grade school rainbow erasers are such a big hit that time (and it has a scent too) but my mom never gave us one because it's too expensive for us. I don't know if it's really expensive that time, or maybe my mom just doesn't wanna spoil us.. when it comes to...erasers... ? lol.

I tried making kawaii onigiri rice balls.. but it didn't turn out the way I wanted it.. I didn't check online how to make it and just do it on my own.. but it looks 1/4 kawaii right?... hmmm -_-" You can tell which rice balls I put my effort on, I ran out of idea so three of them looks bleh..

Venice Beach

My dad suddenly wants to go to Venice Beach despite of the cold weather.. It was my first time to see Venice Beach and I liked it.. not the crowdy place where they sell random stuffs, I just like the beach alone.

Friday, January 29, 2010

Song Joong Ki for Nylon Feb

He will be in a new drama OB/GYN Doctors but I don't know if he'll have a big role for that drama, but I'll try to watch it just to see his face again ^^ I really like his cute face and his role in Triple but it's not like I'll see the same role in all his projects

Thursday, January 28, 2010

Jung Yong Hwa Photo Shoot teasers

One is for NII and the other two is for Suit House. I think we just need to wait a couple of few days to see the complete photo shoot. I'm looking forward to NII photo shoot more. I wanna see Minhyuk, Jungshin, Jonghyun in a photo shoot too!! perhaps 10asia??.. I would love to see them in Nylon or Highcut again =D

Wednesday, January 27, 2010

IU & Yong Hwa

They didn't sing together.. it's two different shows. IU is such a great singer, music industry ruins her with letting her sing Rock U, Marshmallow and all the songs that was made for her... it's to pop that her great talent in singing gets blocked, thanks to MBC Music Travel La La La for inviting her and let her sing with Lee Young Hyun and showed why she's in the music business. But then again that's Mainstream.

Yong Hwa's voice is definitely new to Kpop scene. He really reminds me of Gavin DeGraw.. and that made me want to hear him sing Gavin DeGraw songs.. maybe in his radio appearance this week (cross fingers). He was one of the guests in Radio Star last night and of course he rocks it. He sang Geek in the Pink and Falling Slowly. I hope FnC will produce more bands into the Kpop scene.
(currently looking for the video)

Lol. now i want to see C.N.Blue in MBC Music Travel La La La.. FT Island did a great job when they went there.. or in YHY Sketchbook in SBS. They sound better when they perform live, Music shows doesn't allow them to play live.. T_T

Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Spicy Ramen with Bok Choy & Shitake Mushroom

I'm having a hard time to chew hard foods for about a week already and ramen is the easiest food I can eat. It's not that spicy like I made the day before but it's alright at least I'm not just seeing onion leaves.

And my sister has a tumblr where she puts all the foods she made. Check it out HERE.

Monday, January 25, 2010

Michael Jackson's This is it

I usually close the advertisement banner in front of my youtube page immediately because most of the time they post horror movie trailers.. but today it's different. They're releasing "This Is It" in DVD today and they had a video of cebu inmates with Michael Jackson's dancers dancing.

I really find it cool that they get acknowledge of what they do. And of course because it represents Philippines too! ^^

Sunday, January 24, 2010

My family only sees me as a....

..Rice cooker T_T lol. Since when did I sign-up to be a rice cooker? Why blame me if there's no rice.. I know it's not a hard task for me to complain but it's also not a hard task for them to do it...

Lol just kidding.. I love my family, I'm happy they didn't put me to be in charge with cooking.. but is it really hard to cook that I even have to do the dishes?.. ( =]] )

Super Magic

I'm not a fan but this song got stuck in my head quite a few times because of watching CFs while waiting for the drama I'm gonna watch last year. Yesterday while I'm at kpopflash live stream they showed this video while we're waiting for SBS Inkigayo to air... I didn't know that it's Supreme Team's song.. I know nothing about them, just the fact that they won best new male artist in Mnet MAMA 2009 and one guy looks good. =)... And I think this is also the same song Park Shin Hye and Lee Hong Ki were singing in their first MinamTV..

Supreme Team- Super Magic

Thursday, January 21, 2010

Im Joo Hwan for Arena


I'm excited to see him on small screen again. I hope he's not the second guy that hates everybody or the second guy that ends up with nobody in his upcoming drama What's Up.
I know he's a pretty boy in Korea but I don't see him in that category.. He looks manly to me even with that baby face.

Wednesday, January 20, 2010

What's Up

A new drama to hit around spring or what not. The cast looks promising. I'm actually looking forward to see Im Joo Hwan than Daesung.. and the guy from the farthest left, he looks mysterious so yea I'm keeping an eye on him. And Jun Hye Jin (I have to wiki to know her real name) from Smile,You who plays the ex-gang member Ji Soo is also here. I hope the drama will be good.. =)

Hey Mate!

I know I'm really ignorant when it comes to Korean indie band.. I'm glad sookyeong also updates with this kind of news.. I also found out Nia, Dia through her.. There's a news that they will release their first album this week but I didn't see anything floating around the net, which kinda sucks because I'm really anticipating something from them after watching multiple videos.. and I got really excited when I found a video of one of their member singing the song from Doremifasolatido where Jang Geun Suk wrote a song for the girl he met at the amusement park.. I so love that song! I keep looking for a rip version of that since that movie came out, I didn't even know the title of the song so it's really hard to find it.. and then bam! Mate composed the song.. I feel like going back to the days where I used to love OPM songs.. :D

And their live performance of "I Love You" in Music Tralala

Mate- longing (lol I'm really educating myself right now!)

Tuesday, January 19, 2010

C.N.Blue for Elle Girl

This is one of the initiation of being an idol.. well they have to go through 10asia also.. and I'm looking forward to that.. For now I'll spazz with Elle Girl photos.. Minhyuk!! JungShin!! you make me fall in love.. I guess this is the start of Yong Hwa withdrawal. Looking forward to see them on variety shows.. I hope they drop the "You're Beautiful" topic every time they have interviews.. other members don't get much attention because of that. I'm a fan of You're Beautiful but everyone needs to move on. I really need to go to Koreatown!.. Based on my experience.. official photos will be out next month


Monday, January 18, 2010

DIA- Another Boy

Why didn't I checked her video when it was released?.. I was so occupied with all the C.N.Blue thing that I didn't bother any artist. It's my first time hearing "Another Boy" in Music Bank or Music Core last weekend while waiting for C.N.Blue's debut performance.. and man! I fell in love with her song when the chorus came.. I'm happy that I'm back to watching music shows live because it exposes me to other artists

Saturday, January 16, 2010

Tabi's 10 expressions & Wooyoung's mustache

Why did he cut his hair :( He looks good with long hair, I know he can sport any hairstyle..even the frizzy hairstyle works for him.. but I like this hairstyle the most..

And Wooyoung is so adorable!.. I wanna see him on variety shows again with his ssanti dance... Jay come back now! so everybody will be happy:D

Kim Ki Bum & Hwang Bora looks good together

It's really sad that I can't watch their movie. But I'm happy that Ki Bum is back again! And they do look good together huh?

Friday, January 15, 2010

Lyn rocks it!

Lyn was the guest for Yoo Hee Yeol's Sketchbook.. And I'm just amazed by her voice.. really! She made me buy her album when I barely know her. I love how she puts her own version on each songs, who would think Ring Ding Dong will sound good without the auto tunes!.. All I can say to her is praises. Now I wanna hear CL and Lyn sing together or with Minji... I need to put them on my mp3.

Ring Ding Dong/ Heartbeat Again & Again

I Don't Care/ Slow Motion

Kim Ki Bum and Hwang Bora

Lovely photos that needs to be shared =).. oww and I heard Super Junior will be having Super Show 2 in Philippines... woah!!... so jealous! Come here in US please!

C.N. Blue Official Photos

The theme was simple, nothing extravagant and that's why I like it.. usually when there's a kpop band to debut you can't barely see their real faces because of heavy make ups and over the top outfits w/c is also good but it'll take a while to recognize their faces like for example Mblaq, when they released their photo jacket I couldn't tell if they're good looking or what.

I can now proudly say that I know each member's name! thanks teasers for the help! And they are really good looking guys. Yong Hwa was right the other members are prettier than him..don't feel bad Yong Hwa I see you as a handsome guy! ^^ After an hour I'll be posting another C.N. Blue related news because they'll appear on small screen! wooo!!! so excited!