Wednesday, January 27, 2010

IU & Yong Hwa

They didn't sing together.. it's two different shows. IU is such a great singer, music industry ruins her with letting her sing Rock U, Marshmallow and all the songs that was made for her... it's to pop that her great talent in singing gets blocked, thanks to MBC Music Travel La La La for inviting her and let her sing with Lee Young Hyun and showed why she's in the music business. But then again that's Mainstream.

Yong Hwa's voice is definitely new to Kpop scene. He really reminds me of Gavin DeGraw.. and that made me want to hear him sing Gavin DeGraw songs.. maybe in his radio appearance this week (cross fingers). He was one of the guests in Radio Star last night and of course he rocks it. He sang Geek in the Pink and Falling Slowly. I hope FnC will produce more bands into the Kpop scene.
(currently looking for the video)

Lol. now i want to see C.N.Blue in MBC Music Travel La La La.. FT Island did a great job when they went there.. or in YHY Sketchbook in SBS. They sound better when they perform live, Music shows doesn't allow them to play live.. T_T

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