Saturday, April 30, 2011

f4 has got me again

Yes! the original F4! I was looking for a drama to watch since like forever.. I haven't seen any dramas for months, I don't know why. Nothing appeals me maybe. So I tried to watch this drama that aired 3 years ago. Vaness Wu is like the last person in my top F4 member when they were still in.  Let me tell you, he looks way better now than before... It really makes a big difference when it comes to hairstyle for men. I also love the drama. Not like I would want to watch it again, what my problem with Taiwanese dramas is they're long.. they have the same time limit for Korean and Japanese dramas but they don't make their point so clear.. I feel like there were a lot of time wasted and could've used for better story. Anyway.. I like family story dramas, though not a fan of amnesia plots.. But the story was not very dramatic like others and the mom was not really that evilish. I'm falling in love with Xiao Xiao Bin (don't know if I spell the name right) he's just soooo cute! Watched him in Jerry Yan's Down with Love last year. But the ending... I don't know.. it left me hanging.. want more :D If they're not planning to have part 2 better yet have a clear close ending. :D

And because I was impressed with Vaness' transformation, I searched how Vic Zhou my top F4 member is doing. He looks great! but.. he resembles Vic Sotto so much... if you don't know him.. google, and feel as awkward as I am :D... I wanna watch one of his drama.

Wednesday, April 27, 2011

7oops and Yui

Really people... I need someone to educate me with jpop :))... If there's a jpop 101 class I would take it. How can I not know before kpop? it's not like I'm abandoning kpop anymore... it's just that... they auto tune too much and i wanna take a breather from that. hehehe. I've been wanting to see live action of mangas that I'm currently reading because I just want it to come to life :D... but what makes it more interesting is their OST. Oh how I wish authors would give theme songs for every chapter. I remember one of the authors of the book I used to read, she would put up playlist of songs that she listen while she was writing her book.. I think it's a good idea for other authors too so readers can relate to what they feel when they were writing :D.. I don't know if it works for everybody but I think it's really cool. Hehehe.
Yui- Hello

7oops!- Fallin Love

I also found a great bookstore in Little Tokyo thanks for the dog walking job I have that's near to little tokyo. I've been following kiminitodokelove's tumblr and she blogged about this bookstore they have that got every japanese manga and all jpop related stuff... and I was so shock to find one in little tokyo! hurray! they have tons of stuff!... I wanna go back their when I get my money :)) hahaha... have a good day yurubun!

Monday, April 18, 2011

Picnic and Banksy

I love this day :D... Just hanging out with the little ones without my sunday school teacher image was really fun. I really wish they will open up more to me. I was never close or open to my teachers when I was there age, that is something I always wanted to experience that's why I'm giving it my all now for them :D

This Banksy photo was months ago.. My brother said I should take a photo with it because it's something big. I know his big but I'm not really a fan. But I still am gonna post it because they said it was taken down days after Banksy did it. Someone bought it and try to auction it I guess to a very high price.

Thursday, April 14, 2011


Ever since I got a phone from my lovely sister I always wanted to change my ringtone to a kpop song or jpop song but never really did it. Because I didn't have time to look around.. and to lazy to learn how to do it. Today after hanging out with my classmates I finally force myself to google "how-tos". Regina one of my classmate have GDTOP's High High as her ringtone and hearing that made me move my lazy butt to finally do it. I have now four Kpop songs.. all Big Bang related.. hehhe and one Jpop. Sawazake from Kimi ni Todoke.. I just wanna do more and share to everybody.. Since I'm using LG Rumor Touch, mp3 files can't be used as a ringer so I have to convert it to .3g2.... So I found a website where you can do everything without downloading the program :D... cool beans huh?!.. Try to stay away from viruses. Here's the links of those websites that may be a help for you who experience same problems =)

Wednesday, April 13, 2011

I love this LOVE SONG

Ever since Big Bang made their big comeback after 2 years of hiatus you didn't hear me spazz like I should be. I wasn't really that thrilled with "Tonight". Yes it gives me LSS but... I didn't really like it. Period.. Even the music video... I'm always saying that I'm looking for something more... but with their case.. I want them to tone it down a bit... and after few months of that.. They DID tone it down. wah! I love Taeyang's part and believe it or not I like Seungri's part too... Daesung and TOP's intro... Gdragon is okay.. but really, the four shined in this song :D

Stupid Liar's performance is really fun.. I like how they bang their head :D... But Deukkie of Dony's face in Love Song performance made me go for this more... who wouldn't like a calm big bang? maybe it's just me... hahaha