Wednesday, April 13, 2011

I love this LOVE SONG

Ever since Big Bang made their big comeback after 2 years of hiatus you didn't hear me spazz like I should be. I wasn't really that thrilled with "Tonight". Yes it gives me LSS but... I didn't really like it. Period.. Even the music video... I'm always saying that I'm looking for something more... but with their case.. I want them to tone it down a bit... and after few months of that.. They DID tone it down. wah! I love Taeyang's part and believe it or not I like Seungri's part too... Daesung and TOP's intro... Gdragon is okay.. but really, the four shined in this song :D

Stupid Liar's performance is really fun.. I like how they bang their head :D... But Deukkie of Dony's face in Love Song performance made me go for this more... who wouldn't like a calm big bang? maybe it's just me... hahaha

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