Wednesday, April 27, 2011

7oops and Yui

Really people... I need someone to educate me with jpop :))... If there's a jpop 101 class I would take it. How can I not know before kpop? it's not like I'm abandoning kpop anymore... it's just that... they auto tune too much and i wanna take a breather from that. hehehe. I've been wanting to see live action of mangas that I'm currently reading because I just want it to come to life :D... but what makes it more interesting is their OST. Oh how I wish authors would give theme songs for every chapter. I remember one of the authors of the book I used to read, she would put up playlist of songs that she listen while she was writing her book.. I think it's a good idea for other authors too so readers can relate to what they feel when they were writing :D.. I don't know if it works for everybody but I think it's really cool. Hehehe.
Yui- Hello

7oops!- Fallin Love

I also found a great bookstore in Little Tokyo thanks for the dog walking job I have that's near to little tokyo. I've been following kiminitodokelove's tumblr and she blogged about this bookstore they have that got every japanese manga and all jpop related stuff... and I was so shock to find one in little tokyo! hurray! they have tons of stuff!... I wanna go back their when I get my money :)) hahaha... have a good day yurubun!

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