Thursday, April 14, 2011


Ever since I got a phone from my lovely sister I always wanted to change my ringtone to a kpop song or jpop song but never really did it. Because I didn't have time to look around.. and to lazy to learn how to do it. Today after hanging out with my classmates I finally force myself to google "how-tos". Regina one of my classmate have GDTOP's High High as her ringtone and hearing that made me move my lazy butt to finally do it. I have now four Kpop songs.. all Big Bang related.. hehhe and one Jpop. Sawazake from Kimi ni Todoke.. I just wanna do more and share to everybody.. Since I'm using LG Rumor Touch, mp3 files can't be used as a ringer so I have to convert it to .3g2.... So I found a website where you can do everything without downloading the program :D... cool beans huh?!.. Try to stay away from viruses. Here's the links of those websites that may be a help for you who experience same problems =)

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