Sunday, November 29, 2009

C.N. Blue 2nd Mini Album: VOICE

Seriously I love their songs, not just because YongHwa is there... he's just the reason how I found out about C.N. Blue.. I would love to buy their albums but the store that I asked in Koreatown said that they don't allow Japanese album.. don't know why. And I don't like to buy online because I don't like waiting and I was fraud last time.. so not gonna try it anymore.

There's a news that they will finally debut in Korea next year (Yey!).. We need more "real" bands here.I thank FNC for producing great talents. I guess I need to wait next year to purchase C.N. Blue's albums.

1. voice
2. Wanna Be Like U
3. Never too late
4. Y, Why . . .
5. One of a kind


Friday, November 27, 2009

You're Beautiful 미남이시네요: THE END

Everything must come to an end. It's sad that it ended already, I'll miss staying up until 6:00 AM just to watch it live. almost all my Wed and Thurs is focus on You're Beautiful. But I'm happy that it's finally over..the ending was nicely done. And I don't like watching long dramas.

Now, it's hard to pick my favorite scenes but I'll try my best to remember everything, not gonna be in order:

1.) When Shin Woo covered Minam face inside the Shower Room..that's really sweet!
2.) Tae Kyung kicked Yoo He Yi's shoes when she's trying to block mail him.
3.) Shin Woo opened the water bottle for Mi Nam during their practice for Asia's Song Festival.. (those little things that Shin Woo did for Mi Nam really makes me smile)
4.) Jeremy was trying to comfort Mi Nam by giving her his plate when they were eating in a buffet then suddenly he gets very offensive when Mi Nam asked him if he likes girls. ( because it was the time when he's very confuse of his feelings for Mi Nam, he didn't know yet that she's a girl)
5.) Mi Nam gave her special ring to Tae Kyung for him to believe in her and to let her stay in his brother's position for the sake of finding her mom. I like how she didn't shout at Tae Kyung when she found out that the ring that she thought he threw in the water was with him all along, instead she said "found it.. I told you I can find it if I put all my heart into it"
6.) Shin Woo sprayed Jeremy with a hose because he was bullying Mi Nam
7.) Myung Dong moment of Shin Woo and Mi Nam.. that's really heartbreaking scene. Shin Woo acting as a stalker then when he's about to confess to MiNam, Mi Nam turned her back and missed her chance of the whole Shin Woo shebang.
8.) Tae Kyung getting all mad when he found out that Mi Nam left and looked for her.. (this is before the Myung Dong scene)
9.) Mi Nam cried in the rooftop when she found out that her mother was dead and Tae Kyung comes comforting her.
10.) Tae Kyung jumps off the water to save MiNam because she was hiding from other crews who's looking for their things that was lost.
11.) Mi Nam sang "without words" after returning from the province where she finally explodes her feelings for Tae Kyung.
12.) Mi Nam and TaeKyung conversation about the stars
13.) Dong Joon (The real Minam's highschool bestfriend) confessed to Tae Kyung and Mi Nam that he likes Minam's younger sister and planning to tell her when he sees her after his military service.
14.) Shin Woo saved Mi Nam from revealing her true identity during the press conference.. he did that in front of Jeremy and Tae Kyung.. that's like a slap on their faces.
15.) Jeremy trying to hug Mi Nam when he found out that she was a girl.
16.) Tae Kyung and Mi Nam's first not accidental kiss.. Tae Kyung explodes from his jealousy because of Shin Woo.
17.) Jeremy singing "Very Good Words" for Mi Nam with tears in his eyes. he's confessing his feelings to MiNam with a song even if he already knew that she liked Tae Kyung.
18.)Tae Kyung taking care of sick Minam.. starting from the kitchen scene to bedroom scene.He became very soft to MiNam that time.
19.)and I can't choose which parts from episode 15 and 16 because everything is very I guess all of it. kekeke

Tuesday, November 24, 2009

MAC ViVa Glam Campaign

Clazziquai along with other celebrities/singers, hiphop couple Tiger JK-Yoon Mirae, Ivy, Kim Tae Woo, Bada, Park Jung Ah, Baek Ji Young, Brown Eyed Girls, Insooni and Kim Yoon Ah-Kim Hyeong Gyu couple participated in this campaign for the AIDS awareness and prevention.

Worldwide brand MAC cosmetics and makeup commemorate their 10th anniversary in Korea by launching individual shoots of celebrities and musicians, divided into 10 teams to bring their own personality, while crossing the message about the social awareness of AIDS into the picture.

Each musician carries a symbol of AIDS prevention, while all are wearing the MAC products “Viva Glam Lipstick and Lipgloss” as a part of their makeup. The Viva Glam Musician special pictorial will be featured in the December edition of ELLE fashion magazine.



Shin Min Ah for Numero

I might rethink about getting a short hair this winter. This photos will appear on Numero Korea's December Issue. All credits to allkpop for the info and pics.


Monday, November 23, 2009

YAB is coming to an end tomorrow T_T

This is the first drama that made me stalk on them like a crazy fan. I watched it live even without subs. I chatted with other people from different parts of the world during the show when its Mo Hwa Ran's part. and post 3 or twice a day in the YAB Soompi thread to vent out all my excitement and love for this drama.
tomorrow and on Wednesday will be the last two episodes. Everything must come to an end I guess. The drama focuses on an Idol(singer)'s life so maybe that's one of the reason it got poor ratings.. but what the hey that's just numbers. It's a well written drama, will I watch it over and over again? Yes. just like Princess Hours and My Girl. And I think 16 episodes is enough for this drama, they don't need to extend it even if the ratings are good.

But there's more to come in this drama.. they will release a visual comic and a DVD Box Set (with English Subs hopefully) and they already released the Dweji Tokki Doll and two soundtrack album. Will there be more? I don't know.. A.N.Jell pogs?.. but I sure do want everything!

Watch the Making of YAB:

awww... T_T the video makes me cry

Raid my room part.1

Since our room is not fully ready. I'll show parts of our room that is already done.
I told my sister to put the bunnies outside because their poos and pees will make our room stink.But since it "OUR" room I can't tell her whatever I want. But it turned real well because she takes care of them real well and they look too adorable that I let it pass. especially this two chubby bunnies! I didn't take a photo of Bugs since I already flooded you before with Bugs' photo.

Patty was the one who fixed this. she put all my CDs and DVDs and dolls properly where I can see them. I'm thankful that she let me use this cabinet.. And we like buying stuff that are kinda useless but pleasing to our eyes ^^.. And I love my Lyn's New Celebration copy! And also that green frog doll was given to me by Jane Macasiano. she's my pretend daughter in highschool. Is still have it Jane!

The big bear is my sister's and the small white one is mine. I actually ask Julian for this bear because she's about to throw it anyway. There's a hidden meaning on that bear. kekekeke ^^ And I bought the lamp from the thrift store near our place for a very cheap price.

Slippers that I use. Green is not my favorite color. I just end up buying green colors. and I used to have a frog puppet finger that's why I choose this. The three of us each have a pair of cute slippers ^_^

The guitar that my sister bought for me last Christmas and the occasions next to that. lol. And inside that cabinet are my books and other stuff that I don't want to get dirty. I bought that Domo bag for my sister because she was craving for Domo stuffs and she gave me lots of things already. Like that Big green bunny backpack that I still need to pay her. I haven't used that green bag because it's too silly to use it in my daily living. Maybe next week on our winter camp.

My own version of Ramen Noodles

So I'm trying to set a new goal in my life... to be useful in my family. They know that they can count me on anything except cooking so they even bother to ask me to cook for them. And I want to break that!

I made kimchi fried rice for my sister 2 days ago for breakfast. I let her be my guinea pig, she didn't tell me how it taste she just gave me a "it's alright rating" meaning it's edible and not yummy.

Last Saturday me and Patty decided to make dinner for my family. Yes this is my first time helping her. It's a team effort so the blame is not all in me. The rice cake was a little soggy and we used the wrong noodles that made the soup thick. err.. I don't even know how to describe it.. but! It taste good! haha.. next time we'll make sure we use the right noodles.. so stay tuned for more fail cooking skills of yssa!

Please Don't Go

Image and video hosting by TinyPic

I'm so loving the new CL look! If only money is not a problem..T_T I want that dial sweater and the TV mini skirt!.. My Christmas wish list is getting longer.

Thanks for kstyleblog for making this wonderful collage. it's easier to see ^^. I'm keeping an eye on this new blog ^_^

Please Don't Go is stuck on my head. "MY MIND IS OUT OF CONTROL!".. Can't wait for their full album next year..

Saturday, November 21, 2009

Review: MAMA 2009

I definitely enjoyed that whole show, but it would've been better if SM Entertainment was there and of course our Leadja can feel the void without them. But you can't deny that all performances were great.Congratulations to the winner! whatever people will say you all deserve it because you put blood and sweat to make it on stage. Respect and Love.

1st Wave- Drunken Tiger "Monster"
Love his intro, Queen's Bohemian Rhapsody turned into Black Eyed Peas' Hey Mama.. Very Mama huh? lol. Great performance to start off the show. I'm not really a big fan of him but I respect him from what he's doing.He's the best rapper I've seen in Korea

2nd Wave- Brown Eyed Girls "Sign", KARA "Honey", Abracadabra/Mister Remix
Love the orchestra version. Though I'm more of an Abracadabra fan than Sign.. this performance made me appreciate the song. Somehow I feel like I'm just watching them on a regular music show. But they pulled me back in awe when they perform with KARA

I think KARA will throw their cutesy image for good.They made "Honey" look fierce. And I admit it I'm Nicole biased.. she so looks good here!
Love this collab!... They look fab and fierce!.. This two dance moves have been so popular this year, you wouldn't even able to count how many parodies and covers were done for this two great songs (excluding SNSD's "Genie" of course.. really sad that they didn't show up)

3rd Wave- Seo In Gook/ Baek Ji Young "Don't Forget", Seo In Good "Boom Boom Pow", Seo In Gook/ MFM Church Choir
Baek Ji Young made me fall for her beautiful voice.. Totally in love with the song.. it gives me teary eye. I don't know if it was scripted where he called Baek Ji Young to sing it.. very pro if not. I love Baek Ji Young now! sorry for mistaking you in "ear candy".

This Superstar K champion got some groove in him. lol. But it's kinda awkward dancing after singing super stardom and before performing with the MFM Church Choir.. but he still rocked it...and the lady with him too(whom I don't know).
And of course you can feel the church feeling in this performance. I like it when there's more people on stage than just performing by himself. This is definitely his time to shine bright.

4th Wave- 2NE1's 21street Musical Special (I Don't Care, Kiss, You and I, Please Don't Go)
And yea I'm always YG biased.. because I love them! YG always prepares a good stage for us. Love the musical theme, it suits the song I don't care because they don't only focus on dance steps but also with their comical expressions (CL and Dara are always in charge of this) First time seeing Dara perform Kiss and the fierce look really fits her, she can prove us that she's not just a cutesy image. And the guy from the style.. why o why didn't I notice you before? He's smexy! Bom's You and I.. good thing she didn't dance that much because whenever she adds dancing her voice lacks and last night didn't! Great Job Bommie! And the two maknaes! finally! It's about time! because they're still young, their solo single can be set aside for next year right? so CL and Minzy fans don't fret. And I expect them to have a great performance in their new single "Please Don't Go".. because they always bring it! Could it be their young spirit? kekeke.. Congrats on winning Newcomer Award, Best MV and Song of the Year..well deserved!

5th Wave- GirlsXGirls "Free to the Woman"
Rapper from different girl groups. Miryo from Brown Eyed Girls, Hyuna and Jiyoon from 4Minute, Baby J from Jewerly and I save the best for last.. Tasha! I'm totally naive of Tasha but I know she's the best rapper from every rapper in Korea just like her true romance Drunken Tiger ^^.. This two lovers makes me wanna listen to rap music more. I'll start listening to their songs from now on. They performed their own version of Lip Gloss and May Day.

6th Wave- Ivy/ Nichkhun of 2PM, 2PM's Heartbeat and Again&Again
I guess to others they will like this performance.. but I don't.sorry. She did great, but I don't really like too sexy image.. especially in awards where their will be different age groups will be there.I know I'm narrow-minded. But that's just me. No one will beat Hyori and TOP's kiss scene last year. that's all my say.

Great Performance is always expected with 2PM.. everyone knows that they always bring their A-game wherever they perform.. but this time they performed without their leadja Jaebum.. which make people anticipate them more. and you know what I always think that they don't think that Jaebum is not part of their group anymore.. because if they do, they wouldn't perform Again and Again..again (lol) And we can still say that Jaebum is in the full album because the old songs are included and all. I don't know, that's just my opinion. Congrats on winning Artist of the year they really showed us how great they are and what they can offer to us.. a lot of guy groups debuted and old ones that didn't wowed me like 2PM did. And I really cried when Chansung made his speech.. Jaebum please come back T_T

7th Wave- G-Dragon's "Heartbreaker, Taeyang's "Where U At" & "Wedding Dress", G-dragon/Taeyang's "Korean Dream"
I expect something new from G-dragon last night and he didn't fail me. I think he got tired people copying him with his blonde hair and decided to have this jimmy neutron upgraded hairstyle that no one can copy. I love his extravagant stage of course, people might think he's weird.. but that separate him from others because he's not afraid to step out of the box. With all the plagiarism issue, he ignores it and perform a rock version of Heartbreaker... and oh! Love the hundreds GD clone! you're the man G-Dragon!

Taeyang is the total opposite of G-dragon. G-Dragon performed with hundreds of his clone while Taeyang performed Where U At by himself. He's a simple guy which balances them. If he turned out like G-Dragon then I wouldn't like Big Bang. He also performed Wedding Dress which he currently promoting.

And finally! GDYB moment!.. though they're both different in many areas they are still best friends. and I don't think anyone will separate them. they performed Korean Dream and I personally love the song from G-Dragon's solo album. Taeyang is in charge of the dancing and G-dragon is in charge of getting the crowd hype.

Thursday, November 19, 2009

Yoon Eun Hye for PUMA

I think I'm the only one stuck on her cutesy image. I always see her as Coffee Prince and Princess Hours. Time flies so fast huh? Overall I like the Photo Shoot. But she's starting to look like Seo In Young. or is it just me?

And love the shocking colors ^_^ Though I would want more clothes in me during winter. Yoon Eun Hye makes Winter looks warm huh?


The new babies in the house!

I feel for this two bunnires.. when Bugs (are first bunny) first arrived we have baby pictures of him running in the grass.. sleeping in his cage.. eating, and videos too! But this two took us about 3weeks before taking a photo of them.. Mianhe bebes! I'm sure Bugs is so jealous with you two... you don't even play with him.. which is bad because he takes care of you two when you first came in our house... hahaha!I'm actually playing the role as a Narrator in their lives.

Domo- we named him Domo because.. Patty started liking Domo, the Japanese monster character. He's the very lively bunny we ever have.. he started doing binkys when he's week old or more, and he likes to lick our fingers.. he's the only bunny that licks a human :)).. for short he's very hyper ^^

Ttokki- Patty told me she's a girl but I'm still having doubts with that. we named him/her ttokki because that's the Korean name for bunny, I just don't know if I spelled it right though. She/he's the total opposite of Domo.. she/he likes to stay inside their Toy cave and just observe.. likes to eat and drink a lot of water.. he runs when you let him out of the cage but when you put him/her back in the cage he/she behaves. I think she has the attitude of a woman.. likes to eat and moves a little.. ^_^

So that's our new baby bunnies! We had a hard time taking photos of them because they keep running around our room, I only got few good shots from 50 shots.. they move so FAST!

Wednesday, November 18, 2009

MBLAQ for Vogue Girl

As I said in my previous post HERE. I look forward in this photo shoot because they look manly here.. not just the shirt off photos... in fact Sang Hyun and Mir needs a shirt.. Joon is in charge of the abs ^^ you dongsaengs are in charge of aegyo. Some kindhearted fan scanned her copy to everyone.. and they do look good.. but I'm hoping for more ya know.. I hope they will release more photos like High Cut in their site.. but usually they don't. Byung Hee's solo shot is my favorite.. I'm taking back my words on having Byung hee withdrawal :))

(I made a few retouches because I don't want my site to look messy.. hihihi ^^)