Monday, November 23, 2009

YAB is coming to an end tomorrow T_T

This is the first drama that made me stalk on them like a crazy fan. I watched it live even without subs. I chatted with other people from different parts of the world during the show when its Mo Hwa Ran's part. and post 3 or twice a day in the YAB Soompi thread to vent out all my excitement and love for this drama.
tomorrow and on Wednesday will be the last two episodes. Everything must come to an end I guess. The drama focuses on an Idol(singer)'s life so maybe that's one of the reason it got poor ratings.. but what the hey that's just numbers. It's a well written drama, will I watch it over and over again? Yes. just like Princess Hours and My Girl. And I think 16 episodes is enough for this drama, they don't need to extend it even if the ratings are good.

But there's more to come in this drama.. they will release a visual comic and a DVD Box Set (with English Subs hopefully) and they already released the Dweji Tokki Doll and two soundtrack album. Will there be more? I don't know.. A.N.Jell pogs?.. but I sure do want everything!

Watch the Making of YAB:

awww... T_T the video makes me cry

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