Wednesday, November 11, 2009

KoMinam got 3 chus!

Last night's episode is epic! The episode where all of them knows that KoMinam is a girl has finally come. And I'm so getting jealous! She was kissed 3 times in episode 11.. 1st Jeremy then ShinWoo had his moment too.. and of course they save the best for last. TaeKyung Oppa!

All of them are trying to have a moment with KoMinam.. especially Jeremy! he's so cute! He finally realizes that he's in the right mind on liking KoMinam.. that he's really a "Namja"

JEREMY: I love this part! Where he looks angry at first then finally kiss her forehead because this is a good news for him. It's not a forbidden love for him anymore. He can like KoMinam now.. he can have "skinship" with her without doubting his gender. He's a NAMJA!

ShinWoo: I really don't know whether I should get all giddy that he kissed her or not. His tactics reminds me of a "dash-guy" (his body moves faster than his heart). Well he has the advantage because everyone knows that he only knew it just now unlike TaeKyung that knows everything have to treat KoMinam the same way after the incident... So Taekyung is the one who loses in this situation. I think I like ShinWoo with his little deeds for KoMinam before.. open the water bottle for her, carry heavy stuff for her and so on. I'm counting on the next episode where he sings and plays guitar for poor KoMinam.

TaeKyung: so cheesy! The kiss happened because of his jealousy towards ShinWoo.. and I guess a little bit of Jeremy. But it's all about the SW-MN shebang. He can't take the fact that MiNam is being a babo and go to the dinner with ShinWoo and his "girlfriend" to explain everything because he thinks that she likes ShinWoo. And he can't focus because he worries about Minam... let's wait for the next episode today! it's gonna be awesome!

Thanks cecilia from soompi who have been so graciously kind to translate for us YAB fans ^^
Ending scene on the rooftop
MN:Hyungnim, I need to go!
[TK keeps dragging her along. They stop]
I'm going
TK: Do you know where you're going?!
Even though I knew that you dont know anything and create situations and give others trouble, how can you not even have any self respect?
When i see you, I pity you and feel frustrated and annoyed
MN: So dont pay attention to someone like me!
TK: How can I not pay attention to you when you're like this!!
MN: Where does the fact that I'm going there have anything to do with you? I'm not giving you any trouble, why are stepping out, why are you caring?
TK: Because you are too foolish and i'm getting angry. Why am i getting so angry because of you, Go mi nam??!!
MN: Why ARE you so angry because of me? Just ignore someone like me! Whatever I do, just dont look at me!
TK: But you keep showing yourself!
MN: But you cant even see properly, right? You can only see yourself because you are so bright, you dont see anything around you because it's so dark right? Why are you like this when you cant even see things properly, when you dont even know what's happening???!! Why are you finding me and getting angry at me? Just leave me alone in the dark, who told you to look at me!!!!

[TK grabs MN and kisses her]

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