Thursday, November 12, 2009

Dwae Jji Ttokki is ready

I so wanna grab one! I hope there's a pin though.. it doesn't complete it. it looks totally the same!.. if it's to expensive... I wanna buy even just a smaller one.. I'm sure their gonna make different sizes plus not just doll.. I think.. just like the A.N.Jell pogs..


I have a long list before this year ends..and I'm guessing that it will be longer. I wanna buy the DVD box set of You're Beautiful when it's out because they include special features and all. and the second album also.. After hearing the songs from the second album it made think more before buying.

After I buy all the things I want.. I need to find a a stable job.. hahaha ^_^ or else I'm gonna be penniless.

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