Monday, November 23, 2009

Raid my room part.1

Since our room is not fully ready. I'll show parts of our room that is already done.
I told my sister to put the bunnies outside because their poos and pees will make our room stink.But since it "OUR" room I can't tell her whatever I want. But it turned real well because she takes care of them real well and they look too adorable that I let it pass. especially this two chubby bunnies! I didn't take a photo of Bugs since I already flooded you before with Bugs' photo.

Patty was the one who fixed this. she put all my CDs and DVDs and dolls properly where I can see them. I'm thankful that she let me use this cabinet.. And we like buying stuff that are kinda useless but pleasing to our eyes ^^.. And I love my Lyn's New Celebration copy! And also that green frog doll was given to me by Jane Macasiano. she's my pretend daughter in highschool. Is still have it Jane!

The big bear is my sister's and the small white one is mine. I actually ask Julian for this bear because she's about to throw it anyway. There's a hidden meaning on that bear. kekekeke ^^ And I bought the lamp from the thrift store near our place for a very cheap price.

Slippers that I use. Green is not my favorite color. I just end up buying green colors. and I used to have a frog puppet finger that's why I choose this. The three of us each have a pair of cute slippers ^_^

The guitar that my sister bought for me last Christmas and the occasions next to that. lol. And inside that cabinet are my books and other stuff that I don't want to get dirty. I bought that Domo bag for my sister because she was craving for Domo stuffs and she gave me lots of things already. Like that Big green bunny backpack that I still need to pay her. I haven't used that green bag because it's too silly to use it in my daily living. Maybe next week on our winter camp.

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