Monday, November 9, 2009

2PM's First Album

I'm sad that Jaebum is not part of this album.. I hope in the future albums he's there.. It doesn't feel right without him. Instead of focusing on their songs the attention goes to the issue 2 months's so hurtful for everyone that I think 2 months is not enough for them to rest.. but if they decide to rest longer they might end up losing the name that they created.

They always bring songs that are for break ups, longing, and every sad moments that you can think of.. that every song fits on their situation.. not mentioning their album title 1:59.. what??..

I don't really know how it works for music industry and all the company tactics, but all I know that it's dangerous and dirty. I hope that day will come where everything will be back to normal because I really feel bad for the 6 guys that was left.

And honestly.. I'm excited on their comeback I hope little by little people will embrace them again. They create good music..

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