Tuesday, November 3, 2009

A.N.Jell for Highcut

Omo! i'm totally spazzing right now! and I don't know why?.. I can't believe this drama will turn me into like this. The first thing I do every time I wake up is to check updates on You're Beautiful Soompi thread and their official site. Both of them are bookmarked so I only press "Y" to check it. lol!

I wonder if PSH really knows how to play piano.. it would be really nice if she really knows how to play piano.. then they will be a real band. I know the three guys have the experience.. I wanna see them perform on music shows and promote their hit song "As Ever"... or just have a special apperance on any talk show or variety show!..

Even the behind the scenes footage makes me anticipate!... errr! this pain and agony of waiting!... 5 more hours and 30 minutes before You're Beautiful episode 9 starts!..


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