Thursday, November 5, 2009

The New "IT" Thing: 돼지토끼

While I was shopping early this afternoon at Koreatown Galleria I found this bottle with medicine tablets inside a little cute store.. and I was like "I've seen this before" ...ah.... A Millionaire's First Love, it's one of your typical korean movie where someone dies at the end. The story of that bottle was when Hyun Bin start giving gifts to the girl because he knows that she's gonna die sooner or later and he can't do anything about it.. all he can do is to make memories.. While they where eating he gave a bottle with hundreds of medicines inside and tells her to only take one pill a day then she runs to her room crying while opening each pills to read them, yes inside the pill is a piece of paper with words of encouragement written on it. Hyun Bin went after her and saw what she's doing and he was like "I told you one pill a day" and she replied "I'm afraid that I might not able to read them all"... *tears* And now it's so popular that one tiny bottle cost $7.. also the necklaces in the famous dramas are very popular.

And I'm predicting that the new "IT" thing is....*drum roll* Pig-rabbit doll!!

And I'm so buying one if ever they'll make one.

The Origin of Pig-Rabbit Doll.
TaeKyung got lost in the fields because a pig was chasing him. Minam went after looking for him the whole day. She found him around noon and its about to get dark and TaeKyung have night blindness, even if they have a flashlight it's not enough.. and they're near the river so basically there's no electricity around them..

When TaeKyung hears a rattling sound coming from the grass he asks Minam if there's a Mountain Rabbit there and Minam answers that there could be because they're close to the mountains. TaeKyung freaks out and told her that he hates rabbits then Minam asks him "why? rabbits are cute and innocent" then he answered her "they might look innocent but they bite.. they're dangerous! which reminds me of you Minam." and he calls her a rabbit starting from that time.

Then the pig comes along when they went back to Seoul. Minam is having a problem with controlling her emotions and Manager An teaches her the pressure points (you press a part of your body to control your feelings i.e. ears when you eat too much) and the pressure point for controlling your emotion is...nose! which ends up looking like a pig. He told her that she will look funny but that's the only way so she took his advice. She went to TaeKyung's room with her finger in his nose and TaeKyung asks her if she's mocking her about the pig that chases him. Minam doesn't give an exact answer and tells him to ignore her nose because she really needs to do it. Then that's how Pig-rabbit was born.

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He gave her a stuff toy because he wants to return the pin that Yoo He Yi took from her and he's to shy to give it to her personally so he thinks of an idea to give it back without looking like a babo. CUUUTE!


Anonymous said...

hi i'm selling pig-rabbit for P1500 only~!!
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Grethell said...

I love this drama...and Hwang Tae Kyung ;)