Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Fall Fun Night 09

Very fun and tiring day :D... We didn't have the time to take pictures when they opened the doors to the public, I'm sure my other churchmates was able to take some few. I told them to send it to me but I'm not putting my hopes that high.

Comparing it to last year, everything went smoothly.. We start setting up around 11:30 am then we finished everything at 4:00 pm. and we got 2 hours break to prepare for the real event. 9pm clean up time.. but me, patty and nick are still face painting. kekeke.. and got home around 11pm something.. I didn't even get the chance to take pictures of all the booths.. (next time)

The greatest thing about this event is that we were able to share God's love and basically turning things around for kids during Halloween. And even though we weren't able to each kids that came through the door we know that seeds our planted and we just gotta pray for them..

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I was so blessed to see kids accept Jesus as their savior. before I used to doubt if kids can really accept Jesus in their hearts truly... but only God knows our heart. God made his word simple for us everyone to understand it =)

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