Thursday, November 12, 2009

Jang Geun Suk for Elle

Well he's not gonna be in the cover of Elle this month.. he was just featured in their website. And because I don't know how to understand, speak or read Korean.. I don't have any clue what's in here.. but it looks cute ^^.. I know dwaeji ttokki is there :D.. and mostly A.N.Jell related.


Episode 12 was really fun, it's another painful week before we found out what will happen to Minam and TaeKyung. There's no assurance if Minam accepts what TaeKyung said. Here's the translation for that scene.. (Got it from Cecilia from soompi.. Thanks so much!)

MN: Becuase i keep crying, i cant see the stars
If i continue not being about to see, and not expect anything, i wont be disappointed
I hope i wont see
[Car pulls up]
TK: Go mi nam, I can see you very well now. You cant see anything because it's too bright over here right? Have you always been crying like that when i couldnt see you?
MN:From now, i'm not going to cry. Please pretend you didnt see
TK: How can i pretend i didnt see when i see so well!!! Go Mi Nam, all this time you've been looking at me havent you? Because I couldnt see you, i didnt know.
MN: Please continue to pretend you dont know. From now on I wont look.
TK: You cant not look! I'm not going to let you do ask you like. Keep looking, like you've been doing til now... Like you've been doing til now, just only look at me!
MN: Hwang Tae Kyung ssi
TK: Go Mi nam, from now on, I give permission for you to like me!

And they will have a second album the song that KoMinam's dad wrote.. in Jang Geun Suk version!.. and I know the song the SW sang in this episode "Babo ra so" will be included too.. but not SW version.. I will be waiting for C.N. Blue's debut next year!

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