Monday, November 23, 2009

My own version of Ramen Noodles

So I'm trying to set a new goal in my life... to be useful in my family. They know that they can count me on anything except cooking so they even bother to ask me to cook for them. And I want to break that!

I made kimchi fried rice for my sister 2 days ago for breakfast. I let her be my guinea pig, she didn't tell me how it taste she just gave me a "it's alright rating" meaning it's edible and not yummy.

Last Saturday me and Patty decided to make dinner for my family. Yes this is my first time helping her. It's a team effort so the blame is not all in me. The rice cake was a little soggy and we used the wrong noodles that made the soup thick. err.. I don't even know how to describe it.. but! It taste good! haha.. next time we'll make sure we use the right noodles.. so stay tuned for more fail cooking skills of yssa!

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