Tuesday, November 17, 2009

TOP in the bottom of..

Big Bang released their 2010 Calendar photos.. I don't know if it's already available in stores. But I'm expecting that it will be expensive so I'm not gonna add it on my list. If only G-Dragon is not sporting that Ahjumma perm and change it to the Jimmy Neutron hairstyle then I might change my mind.. and If TOP will have that oozing hairstyle he had from his new drama "IRIS".. then I wouldn't think twice to put it on my list.

There's not much Taeyang in that calendar.. I think every month I will see G-Dragon's Ahjumma perm.. so nah. I don't have hatred with G-Dragon.. I like him.. but he's not like TOP that every hairstyle works for him.. but please.. oh please! don't think of having an Ahjumma perm TOP!.. I kill you! And don't go blonde too... G-Dragon is in charge of being eccentric in Big Bang.. and you're in charge of collecting toys. ^^ and..wearing weird pants and suits...

I hope the blonde era every Idol group will stop and replaced by TOP tied up hairstyle (or give me a better name for that)

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