Monday, March 28, 2011


 Don't you adore this photo? I can't believe how cute Ryo-chan was when he was young. I never really cared about their age.. but it looks like Yamapi is older than Ryo.... really?! waha!

Thursday, March 24, 2011

No good for anything

I'm really full of negative things in my chest right now. I know I'm not your all miss perfect and I always fail but do I really need to feel it to my bones? Do people need to shove it off my face as if I didn't know it myself. Why can't I get a comforting word from the closest person in my life? Why do they make me feel like I'm also wrong, I'm a clutz in such a very unloving way? T_T I wanna explode but I know it's not right... I really am.. I know I am... I am also slow... but I just don't feel good hearing it from others telling me. *sigh

Friday, March 18, 2011

19th Year

I can't pass March without talking about my birthday. I finally got my animal pajama that I always want to have :D see previous post. I have a copy of Kimi ni Todoke's volume 6! And I get to eat sashimi! And got three cakes too this year!And my brother fixed the sound in my laptop!!! (I can watch on my own laptop!) I think it all sound so self uplifting, sorry >.< . But I really have a lot to be thankful looking back from my 18th year and see how the Lord's hand upon my life even with the little things that I would think that He wouldn't bother to see... but everything about me He knows and everything really already is planned whether it's good or bad. As I start my 19th year I know that He will help me go through paths that will be hard *ehem*school*ehem*

I still don't know how to react when people tell me that I'm blessing to them. It's flattering but I also feel like that is not so me. But I think I should stop being negative. And maybe it's not me when they see that "blessing" it's Jesus who they see :D... because I know I am far from a "blessing" but through him I can accept that =D

Monday, March 14, 2011

Animal PJs

I'm always happy when I accomplish a lot of things in a day. My day has not ended yet I still have few hours before I go to bed. Before I usually get stuck by this web once I start my day checking my emails, facebook and  blogsites. But ever since I started school I got things in control... partly. I'm still having a hard time but I know I'm getting there. I'm glad that my passion for Korean dramas, Korean artist are not that as horrible as it was before. I still like them. But spending my entire day with that is wrong. I've been praying about this. I know my mouth is saying "help me overcome this, help me give it all to You" but my heart is half hearted about it. I felt wrong to do that but I know my God knows my struggle. He knows my heart, and what I can is to be honest about everything. I told Him before that I can't surrender it in one go but help me still. I know that my fangirling went down because He helped me :D.

My best friend has been encouraging me to watch animes. But now I get hook with shoujo mangas... I've read a couple but some are not so good and I know I shouldn't have read them. But mangas like Kimi Ni Todoke, Strobe Edge, Dengeki Daisy, KouKou debut are fine :D.. Hiyokoi is something I want to start reading too. I really need to be careful on what I read. I want something that is close to these mangas. Not just romantic comedy but it involves friendship and involves a lot of thinking...maybe :D... less romance maybe too. Ow and my sister brought animal pjs for my birthday. it's one week early but I'm still happy! too bad can't use it often because it's spring time already. hehehe... Still... Thanks sister dearest!

Monday, March 7, 2011


Tomorrow afternoon I'll be squeaking with Sawako's confession. I know I've read the manga already... but I still get excited :D... Hehehe. And on Friday the dvd for kimi ni todoke live action will be out. Why I am so impatient? when the deadline gets closer it feels like time is moving ten times slower than the usual. I try to watch Haruma Miura's past work such as Gokusen.. I haven't finish it yet because I felt like I was just watching Gokusen 1 all over again. Samurai High School... hmmmm not very appealing. I know he's cute and his mole on his cheeks are cute.. but I'm not really impress with his past work. Even with Koizora... maybe it's the hair?.. no I think it's the storyline... maybe both. But one thing for sure.. I like his voice :D... Hearing Kazehaya with a deep voice will be a change =).

I don't know if I can say I'm moving on with Kpop now... because I still have a part of that in me. And that's really my first love. But I really am getting hook with mangas.. I understand now Haruna's (from koukou debut) felt from buying 10 mangas a month. No! I'm gonna be broke! need.. a job!

Ow! And I am so loving Tanizawa Tomofumi :D... Love the soundtracks from kimi ni todoke.. I am one of the few people who enjoys reading books with my mp3. Since I'm new to anime manga world... I don't know much about their music. But I definitely like the style of Tanizawa Tomofumi. Here's a taste :)

Tanizawa Tomofumi- Uchuu Ryokou

Saturday, March 5, 2011

Real life has gotten on my way

I haven't updated my blog for quite some time because of so many things.. I got so into shoujo mangas and animes :D... infact I just bought 8 mangas at Borders earlier :D... The store closing sale made me go panic buying. So far I'm in love with every shouju manga I'm reading.. I tried reading Koukou Debut yesterday online because I had the whole day.. and I just end up cracking up while reading it. My cousin thinks I'm crazy.. I think I am too. hahahahha... here's the part where I start cracking up last night. :D

And well school has gotten in my way of blogging too. Big time. But there's a good effect about it. I got my right time of sleep when I started school. haha. I wanna be organize this year and really wanna plan everything out... but I know I'll fail somehow.. the man's heart plans his way but the Lord direct his steps... I really need to take it one step at a time.

I have nothing much to say because I haven't keep myself up with Kpop so yea... good thing my fangirling is not that worst anymore.  picture that will make your "awws" go out.