Monday, March 7, 2011


Tomorrow afternoon I'll be squeaking with Sawako's confession. I know I've read the manga already... but I still get excited :D... Hehehe. And on Friday the dvd for kimi ni todoke live action will be out. Why I am so impatient? when the deadline gets closer it feels like time is moving ten times slower than the usual. I try to watch Haruma Miura's past work such as Gokusen.. I haven't finish it yet because I felt like I was just watching Gokusen 1 all over again. Samurai High School... hmmmm not very appealing. I know he's cute and his mole on his cheeks are cute.. but I'm not really impress with his past work. Even with Koizora... maybe it's the hair?.. no I think it's the storyline... maybe both. But one thing for sure.. I like his voice :D... Hearing Kazehaya with a deep voice will be a change =).

I don't know if I can say I'm moving on with Kpop now... because I still have a part of that in me. And that's really my first love. But I really am getting hook with mangas.. I understand now Haruna's (from koukou debut) felt from buying 10 mangas a month. No! I'm gonna be broke! need.. a job!

Ow! And I am so loving Tanizawa Tomofumi :D... Love the soundtracks from kimi ni todoke.. I am one of the few people who enjoys reading books with my mp3. Since I'm new to anime manga world... I don't know much about their music. But I definitely like the style of Tanizawa Tomofumi. Here's a taste :)

Tanizawa Tomofumi- Uchuu Ryokou

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