Friday, March 18, 2011

19th Year

I can't pass March without talking about my birthday. I finally got my animal pajama that I always want to have :D see previous post. I have a copy of Kimi ni Todoke's volume 6! And I get to eat sashimi! And got three cakes too this year!And my brother fixed the sound in my laptop!!! (I can watch on my own laptop!) I think it all sound so self uplifting, sorry >.< . But I really have a lot to be thankful looking back from my 18th year and see how the Lord's hand upon my life even with the little things that I would think that He wouldn't bother to see... but everything about me He knows and everything really already is planned whether it's good or bad. As I start my 19th year I know that He will help me go through paths that will be hard *ehem*school*ehem*

I still don't know how to react when people tell me that I'm blessing to them. It's flattering but I also feel like that is not so me. But I think I should stop being negative. And maybe it's not me when they see that "blessing" it's Jesus who they see :D... because I know I am far from a "blessing" but through him I can accept that =D

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