Saturday, April 30, 2011

f4 has got me again

Yes! the original F4! I was looking for a drama to watch since like forever.. I haven't seen any dramas for months, I don't know why. Nothing appeals me maybe. So I tried to watch this drama that aired 3 years ago. Vaness Wu is like the last person in my top F4 member when they were still in.  Let me tell you, he looks way better now than before... It really makes a big difference when it comes to hairstyle for men. I also love the drama. Not like I would want to watch it again, what my problem with Taiwanese dramas is they're long.. they have the same time limit for Korean and Japanese dramas but they don't make their point so clear.. I feel like there were a lot of time wasted and could've used for better story. Anyway.. I like family story dramas, though not a fan of amnesia plots.. But the story was not very dramatic like others and the mom was not really that evilish. I'm falling in love with Xiao Xiao Bin (don't know if I spell the name right) he's just soooo cute! Watched him in Jerry Yan's Down with Love last year. But the ending... I don't know.. it left me hanging.. want more :D If they're not planning to have part 2 better yet have a clear close ending. :D

And because I was impressed with Vaness' transformation, I searched how Vic Zhou my top F4 member is doing. He looks great! but.. he resembles Vic Sotto so much... if you don't know him.. google, and feel as awkward as I am :D... I wanna watch one of his drama.

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