Monday, May 2, 2011

Easter Sunday School 2011

This is what got me busy during spring break.. I think I had more thing to do in spring break than in normal days. We prepared a special day for kids at Sunday School in celebration Jesus is risen! We wanted to stay away from egg hunting because it just gives them confusion what Easter is all about. We did like an ordinary game day but we just decorated the place :D... During game days we review all the lesson we reviewed the whole month and play games related to that :D... We played Easter relay, and the tissue rolls for the linen they used to wrap Jesus' body when he died.. We were planning to do a golf type for empty tomb but we ran out of time. And I gotta admit, we still have a lot of things to learn in timing and scheduling our day.

1. Me and my class :D In the silly bandz station
2. Danny lost in Jerusalem?!
3. Marcy in the summary station
4. Hannah Mandy and Aretzi
5. Kylie got mummified! Good job Ruby and Veronica!

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