Wednesday, January 13, 2010

C.N.Blue's last teaser is out!!

I can't believe I fell asleep while waiting for this! I was three hours late to see Jung Yong Hwa's version! lol. Of course he's version was the best for me.. but I like Minhyuk's version of the song but I still doubt that they will use one from the four.. And more good news! They will be on music shows this weekend to debut! (double yay!) And not only that.. Mnet released more photos of the boys which I will also post here =).. for now I will be Jung Yong Hwa bias because he's the only member I've seen long enough.. maybe it'll change or maybe not.. but I'm very open with things ^^. (crazy much??)

I'm predicting that there will be more spazzing tomorrow than now.. The full music video will come out and I'm sure they will release more photos... (cross fingers) To see the three teasers go here, here & here

C.N.Blue- Emotional

(Small photos for now.. I'll try to find larger image)

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