Friday, January 8, 2010

1st Kdrama for 2010

New posters are out featuring the young cast of KBS’s God of Study, aka the kdrama adaptation of Japan’s Dragon Zakura.

The story kicks off when a teacher begins a university prep course with five underperforming students at a high school that is in last place in the academic standings. Leading the group of five students is Yoo Seung-ho as a stubborn and rebellious troublemaker. The group is rounded out by (in order of the cast photo above) Lee Chan-ho, Ji-yeon, Go Ah-sung, and Lee Hyun-woo.

That’s a pretty solid young cast, not to mention the older generation featuring Bae Doo-na and Kim Su-ro.

In addition to Yoo Seung-ho’s troublemaker, we have:

Go Ah-sung, 17. She was tagged as an up-and-comer to watch in the horror film The Host, and also had roles in Happy Life and Radio Days. Her character is a sincere and honest type who lacks perseverance.

Lee Hyun-woo has great charm and comic delivery, and at 16 years old, he has already had roles in numerous dramas like Queen Seon-deok, Return of Iljimae (he was Cha-dol), Great King Sejong,Lobbyist, and Legend. His character dreams of being an idol singer.

Meanwhile, Ji-yeon, 16, is probably most known for being in girl group T-ara, but she was also featured in horror drama Hon (Soul) earlier this year and did, I thought, a pretty good job; she seems to have a good affinity for the camera. Her character is peaceful and easygoing, though she lacks a sense of purpose.

Lee Chan-ho, 20, is the eldest of the bunch and appeared with Yoo Seung-ho, 16, in Fourth Period Murder Mystery, as well as the teen comedy film Our High School E.T.. His character is a timid type who doesn’t assert himself.

I finally decided what new Kdrama I should watch this year. I wasn't expecting to pick God of Study.. I'm actually eyeing on other dramas but when I read dramabeans' recap for God of Study it made me change my mind. I don't know how dramabeans have that convincing powers to me. I know Yoo Seung Ho has been making a lot of noise last year that's why he made it on this drama but I wasn't really a fan of him but let's see.. he's acts really good,so yea that's enough for a reason. Kim Soo Ro, hmm I can't seem to take him seriously because of the image he created in Family Outing but it will not be a big problem in this drama because it's more of a comedy.. not sure if they're going for comedy but I feel like they will focus more on moral lessons since it's about studying, will they go for romance? err maybe just to spice the story a little bit but I hope that will not be the focus... and oh! one of the reasons I choose this drama was because of Lee Hyun Woo (yea, I need wiki-d-addicts to know who he was).. he looks cute! My type of guy.. he reminds me of Kim Dong Wook from Coffee Prince, he's like the kid and a better version of him.. and he's a b-boy in this drama which makes it super awesome!! The story is kinda predictable for me but who knows they might have something new from everyone else.. I'll try to stick on this drama but if it will be boring I'll stop.. but I doubt it... I tried to withdraw Will It Snow For Christmas but my mind keeps looking for excuses to watch it, hopefully it will be the same with God Of Study

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